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    Hi All,

    I just have to tell you guys this. Sorry it is long, but I am still fuming about this.

    I went to my reg Dr. on Friday. My primary Dr. closed her practice and moved out of state. I adored her and together we were researching the Lyme issue. So I had to see the Dr. that has taken over her practice, because I still need a primary Dr. for other things and I have always had a women Dr.

    So she comes in, doesn't introduce herself, but says she has not even looked at my chart. So ok, I start to tell her about the Lyme, which she says she knows nothing about, but we get on the subject of insurance, which we don't have. And she went on for about ten minutes on how irresponsible I was for not having it. Well I told her that right now for us to get insured it would be over half of our income. We do have to eat and pay bills. And now add all my meds and the dr. visits.

    So I begin to explain about Lyme and the herxing. "What's that" she says "I have NEVER heard of that" So again I had to explain all about that. And then we got on to the subject of pain meds, which she says she can't believe that my former Dr, prescribed. She says I need bio feedback or other help. " For???" I asked, "my drug addiction" she says. Ok By now I am really fuming. So I said" If you look at my chart you would see what I have taken for years. I never have gone over the amount prescribed and right now I am taking less than I ever have. I think finally some of the abx are kicking in" "Oh she says, finally looking at my chart,I guess you don't take very much" I said "Well I guess you should have looked at that before you called me a drug addict"

    Anyway she goes on to say that I can't possibly have that much pain with Lyme, Well I said " I thought you don't know anything about Lyme". I also said" Look obviously you don't believe in Lyme and the treatment or the pain, so lets just end this visit"I was hoping that you could work together with my Lmye doctor and I see that is not possible" And I paid my $70. and left.

    I am still so mad about this. I want to call my former Dr. and tell her that I can't believe that she chose this women to take her place. I will NOT go back to her. My Lyme Dr. will address my pain issues. But I was just so upset to be treated that way, that has never happened before.

    Sorry this is so long, just had to tell you guys this and see what you think. I hope I have explain it well enough, the old Lyme brain is giving me trouble today.

    Love Mindy

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    Are you sure she was actually a doctor? Hadn't heard of herxing before? It boggles the mind.

    I am glad you had the guts to talk back to her; a lot a people would be intimidated. Bravo to you!

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    I actually posted earlier, at least I tried to. I don't know if I deleted it or my teenage daughter decided to delete it so she could get online. But it disapeared. Oh well!
    Anyway, I think you should have left without paying! The doctor was ignorant of your condition obviously! We don't pay other types of workers for a badly done or incomplete services, so why is it we feel we just have to pay these terrible doctors? This doctor's treatment of you is horrible. I wish there was a new standard regarding the treatment guidelines for chronic lyme disease. Some doctor's don't even believe there is such a thing as chronic lyme disease.

    I wish testing for lyme was made easier and more reliable too. I also have to pay for most of my lyme treatment myself out of pocket because my insurance will not cover the FFC. I am lucky sometimes to be able to talk my primary care doctor into rewriting my prescriptions that the FFC doctor writes or I could never afford them. Even with that, I'm, on so many, like 22 prescriptions, and tons of supplements. My medicine costs a small fortune every month. I hate taking pills anymore.

    Is it getting any easier with your antibiotics? Are you taking a combo or just one? I hate that the doctor made you feel bad about pain meds, you need them right now so your body can relax and heal. I don't know why they make the pain medicine for if not to treat people who are in pain, jeez!

    I am saying a prayer for you: Mindy right now that Jesus please,please help Mindy though her sickness and to find the strength to fight her pain. May he also help her to find a trustworthy doctor. In our Father's name,

    Your Lymie Friend!
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    Thanks for the replies. It was awful. I really shouldn't have paid and I surprised myself by actually speaking up. I am normally quiet, but since this Lyme disease diagnosis, I found that I have to be my own best advocate. It is just unbelievable that in this day and age some doctors are still so ignorant. I will not return to her and am now searching for a new primary doctor.

    Kellyann, thanks so much for the prayers. They must be working because I am doing pretty well back on the abx. I am only on the Ceftin and today just upped the dose to 1000 mg per day. I have some joint pain and eye twitching (what the heck is that? new symptom...I have read about that being associated with Lyme) My LLMD says nothing surprises him with this disease. Next week I add the Ketek. But at least him gave me samples of it, in case I can't tolerate it. He is very good about helping me out with the meds and will try to give me samples when possible. Which I appreciate so much. But I am determined to get well and take these abx.

    How are you doing? How's the migraine? What are you taking for abx? Do you take some kind of probiotics?(Don't know if I spelled that right?) And/or some kind of stomach med. too? I take acidphex and also a probiotic twice a day. So my stomach has not been much of a problem so far.

    It has been so unbearably hot here for the last week. So thankful for air conditioning. Thanks again for the prayers. Let me know how you are doing.

    Your friend,
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    I am okay.Really tired. Still have the headaches. I am taking Azithromycin 500mg once a day for now. And antivirals mepron, famvir and flagryl. I usually eat 2 -4 cartons of yogurt every day, so far so good. I do take nystatin if I get thrush sometimes for yeast.

    I've had to take my daughter to band camp all this week. Her school is 30 miles away. She has to be there at 7:30 a.m. I have to pick her up in the afternoon, so I have to make 2 round trips there and back every day. That figures up to be about 120 miles per day or so jeez...I am too sore for this! Ends up being about all I get done in a day. Oh well, nothing I can do about it, she needs to be in the band.

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    About the eye twitching, I have had twitching in my right eye for years. I just laughed when I read that was a symptom of lyme. As long as it doesn't hurt, I can live with it, haha!

    I hope you are feeling well tonight! I feel so sore and just tired. I want to go to florida to visit with my Grandmother and my Mom this weekend. My Grandma is visiting my mom from Kansas. So I was going to go visit the both of them before grandma goes home to Kansas. She's staying a month, so I may make it next weekend instead. And hope I feel better, not worse then.

    Take care!
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    I read in your original post about getting a dx of Lyme that you had contacted your state lyme board for a referral...

    is it possible to re-contact them and get names, or if you still have the list, is there another doctor you could go to instead... even if it means you have to drive further?

    It would definitely be worth it, this disease is too serious to not have someone knowledgeable or open to learning working with you.

    All the best,
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    Thanks for the post.I really am looking for a primary care doctor. I do see a LLMD and I'm fine with him, but I have always had a women Dr. for my reg. yearly checks etc. I really just loved my reg Dr. that turned her practice over to that awful Dr. Granted my former Dr. did not know much about Lyme, but we worked TOGETHER on a lot of issues. Which I think is the way it should be, like a partnership. It's funny really about the pain meds because for a long time I would NOT take them. She had to convince me to.

    Anyway if I do get unhappy with my LLMD, there is only one other in the whole state of Maine, but I would consider going out of state if I have to.

    I have actually had a few good days this week. And I know you understand how rare that is. It is so good to be able to do a few things and actually clean my house. My hubby and I are going away for the weekend and this trip has been planned for months, so I am so thankful that I am feeling ok for it.

    Thanks again, take care.

    Love Mindy