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    I am sort of new here, and of course have FM, and my back and shoulders have been hurting so bad, and I have tried everything. I went to the doctor today and told her that I was miserable and couldn't function.

    Guess what she suggested??? She said i needed a breast reduction!! She went on and on about the breast reduction, and even messed with my records while i was there so it would look like i wasn't there for FM pain, i was there for just plain ole' shoulder and back pain to see if my insurance would pay for it. Okay i agree with her that i might be a little "top heavy", but this has been SEVERE for two weeks, THAT is a chronic problem, am i right? I was there for a flare-up of FM. I am not saying i wouldn't consider a consultation with a surgeon in the future if he thought that might help, but, i don't know, it just sort of seemed frustrating to me, especially as i am driving back to work, realizing, she didn't really LISTEN to me.

    All she does is up my Lexapro and puts me BACK on Notriptyline which i don't like, and then increases my Topamax some more. I am now at 150 mg bid on my Topamax, given to me just for migraines and FM pain. Does this sound crazy to anyone else? I am about to just lose it here. I don't know how much longer i can take this pain. She couldn't even remember anything about me from last time, i had to sit there and tell her EVERYTHING, while she rushed me and interrupted me.

    Also, I found out this morning that i am supposed to go to a wedding Saturday three hours from here and probably end up spending the night away from my nice cozy memory foam mattress topper-bed. Of course i have nothing to wear and will have to go shopping (something i used to love, and now hate with a passion, thanks to FM) after work.

    Anyone got any input?

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    We can all thank HMO's for this mess.
    However, if your breasts are very large, they can contribute greatly to your back and shoulder pain, so she may have a point.
    Madwolf mentioned this in another post a couple of days ago. He says a pair of 44DDs weigh about 30 lbs. a piece! That would put incredible strain on your shoudler and neck muscles.
    Everyone here knows I don't think conventional doctors are worth seeing anymore. I would recommend that you get a holistic doctor. They actually spend time with you and are not afraid to think outside the box.
    Sorry this happened to you,
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    I hear all your frustration! Is this doctor a specialist?? You may need to find another doc that can focus on the fibromyalgia.Also some primary care doctors don't always give you the best meds for your problem.Antidepressants can be needed for pain and sleep and it helps when the right meds are used and increases are made to make a difference.All I can tell you ,is if you are not getting the help you want and need try to find a doctor that can help.Poor medical care can only make us suffer more.I know how hard the fight is too.I went to eight doctors before i got the right help.Good luck and take care.We are all here for you and understand how you feel. Lana56
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    Wow, to be honest, that is the exact size they are, 44DD, so they weight that much? I have grooves in my shoulders. She "picked" one of them put and said i 'hurt her back'. Does anyone think my insurance would ACTUALLY pay for this?
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    She is a Family Practice physician who my coworkers (i work in a medical office) told me sort of knew about FM. When you say specialist, you mean rheumatologist? The only one i can really see here in LR the wait is about April now.
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    I had a friend in college who was a 40E and wanted a reduction because of pain in her shoulders and neck. She had grooves like you do. She took me with her to the surgeon as an example of what she wanted to look like afterwards (I was a 34B then....I'm a LOT bigger now, thanks to fibro!). Her insurance paid because of the severe shoulder and neck pain she had, and that was way back in 1970. This may be contributing to your fibro in a major way, but of course, it is surgery, so you should think long and hard about it and weigh all the pros and cons. Maybe get a second opinon too.
    I do know of cases of fibro that were resolved when the person got an orthotic to make up for a slightly shorter leg which was throwing the entire body off balance and stressing the muscles. If something that simple can set off body wide pain, then I can see how this might throw off your entire balance and posture, etc. and would be worth looking into. Keep us posted.
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    My doctor told me about 5 yrs. ago that I needed a breast reduction. At that time I didn't know I had fibro. and I joked about being pretty attached to them. Well now knowing I have this constant pain and always will I am now ready to have them downsized, so to speak. I want to do anything within reason to relieve my upper back, neck and shoulder pain. I don't know how old you are, and everyone has to decide for themselves. As for me I'm 50 and they aren't that much fun anymore, it's a chore carrying that much extra baggage. So good luck whatever you decide to do.
    Bye, Mary
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    I agree with the breast reduction solution, and I'm going to pass along what everyone has said about it to my daughter (however, I doubt her husband will allow it).

    However, no one has suggested chiropractic. I'd give that a try, at least.

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    My insurance won't pay for Chiropractice at all, and i can't afford it :( or i would try that.
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    When my neck and shoulders are really sore, I put hot packs and cold packs on them.

    for the hot packs, I heat up a wet towel in micro until it is very hot; just so it doesn't burn, of course. Just put it on sore areas.

    for the cold packs, I fill a styrofoam cup with water and freeze it. As you massage the sore areas, just peel the cup down when the ice melts.

    I got these tips from a physical therapist and my pain specialist.

    Some people use rice in socks and either heat them or freeze them.

    This really does help me if I do it several times a day.

    It you aren't totally happy with your doctor, I would look for another.

    Is there a pain clinic close to you? I have had the best luck with that; but some people haven't too.

    Good luck, Just remember we all understand here and keep coming back. Granmakitty