You would not guess what my doctor just said

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  1. laspis1

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    Well I have been sharing my story with you since early January. I have been feeling sick and finally starting last week I could not work. I am in bed most of the day with severe fatigue. I have also been dealing with the flashes that leave me so wiped out. So I was sent to endocrinologist for testing related to certain neuroendocrine tumors. Well nothing was found and the endocrinologist thought it was dysautonomia.

    Well, today I went back to my PC. And he says that since nothing turned out in the labs, than it is psychological and I should take prozac.

    This has never happened to you right? I know I know.
    But it still infuriates me. I actually did ask for lexapro on my last visit on my own to help with anxiety, so I said I am already on one and I do not want to change at the moment.

    He gave me a couple of weeks off work. So all I have left at the moment is to lay in bed for two weeks, take lex and pray that I get better. It took four months the last time it hit me. And what about the flashes? They are not anxiety. I was hoping for a referral to a specialist for dysautonomia, but he did not think that this is what I have.

    I know you have heard the same story a million times on this board, but it is still so frustrating when it happens to you. Just because something does not show up in a test, it does not mean it is mental.

    He went through the routine Depression questionnaire. When you feel so sick, off curse you will answer most of them positively. And the concentration/fog are not symptoms of depression, they are symptoms of Fibro. I am so mad. My father said the doc ought to get his head examined.

    So after all, it is all in my head and I should just snap out of it.

    I do not know how much of that I can take.
  2. lenasvn

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    I just had a bout with my primary myself last week that left me feeling so hopeless that I didn't know how to move on another day. It is so hard to be dismissed this way, especially when a symptom we present can't be made by pure willpower or imagination. There is not much I can say, we all heard the deal; find another doc, and all that, but sometimes that's just not the answer, at least not at the moment. I'll send healing thoughts your way.
  3. Jen102

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    i have been where you are, and i remember the agony of it. to know that you are physically ill, and of course it ahs an emotional impact--you would be "crazy" if it didn't. Are there any docs who are good fms/cfs docs in your area? Maybe ones who will take a holistic look at things? I found my doc by looking on Jacob Teitelbaum's website, for doc referrals. He at least understands the critical role of hormones in these illnesses. Another place you might look is on the ACAM (American College of Alternative Medicine) I think, for a doc.

    It is so frustrating, and you do start feeling like you are crazy when the docs can't find the cause of your suffering. Don't fall into the trap of letting them push you into thinking it is in your head.

    My feeling is that most docs just have no idea what to do or how to treat us. The only way they can justify leaving us in such agony, is to blame the patient--tell us we are causing the problems by it being in our heads. Some day they will be shown to be the lobotomizers and bloodletters that they are.

    Blessings to you in your healing journey. Jen102
  4. laspis1

    laspis1 New Member

    I know this has been done before and I appreciate your kindness. I have been waiting a yr to get to this dr. He has a very good reputation as an excellent diagnostician, but he is not fibro/CFS doctor. He is a good one to have if you have one of those 'normal' diseases.

    Prozac is not going to solve my/your problems, because if it did there would not be all this FM/CFS suffering and Wakemeup, and Shannonsparkles and all of us here would have normal lives again. Pop some Prozac, the miracle pill!

    I have been taking lex and managed to work, but was i fine? Far from it. Pain and exhaustion are my constant companions. It is a sheer willpower that I manage to scrape myself off he bed every morning even without the flare. So what is that? Not enough prozac?
  5. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    try to be strong, get help and support from family and friends, be open about what it happening, that you have a mysterious illness that has yet to be properly diagnosed and treated. find good docs who support you and treat you. take each day as it comes, and realize you can only do so much.

    i have been where you are. i was forced to stop working though i loved my career. i wish i had stopped sooner so that i had not gotten as sick as i did. i didn't want to give in. it was a 5 year down hill slide, and i am on my way up now, hopefully. it has been very hard, but i feel secure in the love of my family, and that it will all work out okay.

    blessings to you. jen102
  6. wyattsmom

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    I'm so sorry you are feeling so yucky...I was on Lexapro, just 5 mg a day, and I had horrible hot flashes. It took me awhile to figure out it was the Lexapro, it is listed as a side effect but not a very common one. The day after I stopped taking it, they were less frequent. I take 10 mg of Celexa now, and I have 0 flashes.

    I don't know if this helps, but it is something to rule out! I really, really hope you feel better soon! Fibro HUGS to you!!
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  7. auntyemnga

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    that you're going through this. I also had a hard time finding a doctor who was willing to help.

    What area do you live in? You might want to try to locate a doctor who specializes in removing toxins or possibly a naturopathic doctor.

    I wish you luck as you search for someone who can help you.

    Take care,
  8. neen85

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    I was FIRED by my new "doctor"! Worse yet he supposedly drew blood for a lab test that my lyme doc needed and I had waited for for over a month and turned out it was never done!

    Long story. He told me he was more inclined to believe I was mentally ill (kept daying something bad must have happened to me) than having lyme disease.

    I challenged him medically and mad him look like an idiot before I left. Told him I had been seeing a counselor for quite some time and that was not at all her opinion,and if at any time she thought I had problems that needed any further intervention she would have delt with it promptly.

    It must have been in the air today......the bad thing here in hicksville USA is that all of the good ole boys think alike.....lyme is a mental illness!

    Sorry for your horrible experience,I can truly say I feel for ya. Oh yeah....told the jerk that since he didn't believe in lyme disease I truly hoped that his wife or children never came down with it!

    I never expected to come here and find somebody else who got kicked while they were horrible! Daneen

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