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    I know everyone probably has bigger problems then me. Im just not happy ever. I really hate it. I love my baby girl and my family and my friends. Im home alone all the time and I think it just gets to me. I have no reason to be sad which worries me because why am I so upset all the time when I have no reason to be? I know that people are depressed because they have gone through something horrible or their lives are really stressful, but I think my life is ok I really think something is wrong with me.
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    Welcome to the board. You may also want to post on the depression board which
    is also located on this site.

    The word "depression" has two meanings. People get depressed when something
    bad happens.

    But depression also refers to a disease, and there is no need to have a reason. If
    you are in doubt, you can look on the net and find the Beck Depression inventory.

    The disease depression is treatable. I have been depressed most of my life. I am
    not cured, but my depression is greatly reduced by therapy, meds, and the
    support group Emotions Anonymous.

    You might check your library; see if you can find a helpful book called "Feeling
    Good" by Dr. David Burns.

    Good luck.


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    Everyone has times in their lives when they feel stressed-out. You need to stop concentrating on all the things that are wrong in your life and focus on the good. You have a beautiful baby to love and care for. Put your faith in God and ask Him for His favor to shine on you. When you have negative thoughts think of something that makes you feel happy and upbeat. I will say a little prayer for you and your baby tonight.