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    hi all... i'm kinda new to these posts.. my name is Lauryn + i am 20 yrs old.. i was just diagnosed with fibro, but i've been suffering with symptoms for yearrrs.. i am an art major.. and i am so scared that my degree will be useless.. everything hurts so bad lately.. everyone tells me not to let the disease take over, but it's SO hard when i am in SO much pain.. just walking make it act up.. it's like i am in this never ending flare-up and i have no time to truly get better with school and work and all.. i feel like this is consuming me.. i'm always so tired and i can't even keep up the pace with pregnant people.. i'm so frustrated, but i don't know what i can do to make this better.. celebrex isn't helping, my doctor is a dolt.. i need some relief before i go nuts... :[

    i had such a hard childhood and now i finally am on my own i thought i could regain SOME of it, but now this is debilitating me.. it never ends.. something is ALWAYS wrong.. i wish i could be normal again...

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    Oh honey,

    I was 22 when I was diagnosed. I was married for 1 1/2 yrs and my daughter was just a baby. I remember how scared I was. I'm talking like I'm so old - I'm 32 now and it gets easier to deal with.

    You're lucky. You're young and you still have the chance to fight this off before it can get worse.

    There is so much more research and knowledge about our condition then there was 10 years ago. There are so many things that you can do to help you. You have so much more hope then I did 10 years ago.

    I know it doesn't feel like it now but maybe you'lll be able to see the brighter side of this. I know it sux! Find a doc that's not a dolt! Try a rheumatologist - they seem to know the most about fms.

    Hang out here and learn as much as you can. The earlier you start fighting back the better your chances and the easier it is to make yourself well again.

    You've found a good forum with wonderful, supportive and caring people.


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    First off I want to Welcome you to a great board with lots of caring, supportive and understanding people...I am sorry for the reason you had to come here...but glad you found us.

    When I read your post it brought tears to my eyes...You are so young and have so much ahead of you...It hurts to hear anyone having these terriable diseases...but it really breaks my heart when it is someone so young as yourself...

    Because I know how you feel...I was diagnoised at age 24 but suffered for years before hand as well. Even though I am still only 31 and im learning and trying to cope with it better....I have felt like my youth has been taken from me....

    I know exactly what you mean by feeling like its consuming you as most here feel the same....Im sorry im not helping much here but want you to know your not alone!!! Dont give up in trying new things such as meds, natural supplements etc.. Continue to educate yourself..You will learn lots here...and alot of different things that work/help!! It just sometimes takes awhile in finding what really does help and work best for you.

    My thoughts and Prayers are with you...I hope you will feel better soon!!

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    I have been in a flare for 2 can't type much but wanted to say Hi
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    and welcome to the board....hope you feel better soon
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    Dear Lauryn,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time. I totally understand the frustration with the feeling that something is always wrong. I have been feeling just like you! I have felt that as soon as one injury healed, another came up. Just as one problem went away.....I felt that I couldn't do what I had gone to school for so many years! (BM Music Composition, MM Choral Conducting) I had worked so hard for those degrees! But I was having difficulty playing the piano, holding choral music, holding my arms up to conduct, standing through a concert... and to top it all off, I was exhausted all of the time, and had a full time administrative job on top of choir, teaching etc.

    My doctor is really supportive and has been great at answering all of my questions and fears. She insists that I will not have to give up my music. She recommends getting quality sleep (Elavil helps me a lot), nutrition (not easy as a student I know!) and exercise (not necessarily a 90 minute step aerobic class! ;) but at least intentional movement starting at just 10 minutes a day. I have found some gentle yoga that I do in the middle of the day that helps stretch, reduce chance of injury and manage pain. If you stop moving, you will loose the ability to do your art and other things.

    Focus on keeping yourself as relaxed as possible, tension agrivates the pain. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that it won't feel like this forever.

    What I'm trying to learn to tell myself (only 28 and suffering for over 10 years, and finally diagnosed in July), is to focus on what is RIGHT. You are on your own, which is hard, but has been a goal of yours. You are doing what you love: art. There are people who love you (even if it's hard to believe. They are there!) You have found a place where people support you and your fight with this DD. And you know what... no one's really normal, but here you are the norm: we all share the same disease. :)

    I highly recommend checking out a therapist through school or otherwise. She can help you sort out your fears, frustrations etc. and help you learn to recenter and relax yourself so you can sleep and function as much as you can. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't started therapy in December.

    You're degree will not be useless unless you make it so. I won't be a concert pianist (but I woouldn't have been good enough even if I didn't have FM!), but I am continuing to compose, teach, play the piano a little, sing and conduct. It hurts at times, but that's when I have to remember to take a deep breath and relax more. You may find ways to modify what you do. I have to use a music stand when I'm singing in choir (no one else does), because it gets tiring holding the music, and I have a foam pillow in my car to ease the pain while driving.

    Don't loose hope! You're life isn't over yet. ;)

    Wishing you courage, strength and hope!

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    thank you for your kind words...
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    I love your username.

    It will get better. Learn as much as you can. We're here for you. :) Plus there's a good chat room on this site.

    Hope to hear from you. :)
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    I'm also youngish (33), and I've found that the key to my being able to live a somewhat normal life is pain management. A lot may disagree with me, but I'm only able to really function when I take (narcotic) pain medication. I also go to one of the Fibro Centers and receive IVs. The combination of the natural things that I'm taking and the pain medication seems to really help.

    I don't believe Celebrex is appropriate for our condition (my physician agrees).

    More than anything, I hope that I can be medication-free at some point, but for now...

    My heart hurts for you. I hope you find a doctor that can take away some of the pain (again, I know some will disagree with me). Without the severe pain, you will be able to think more clearly, at least I have been able to...

    Best of luck to you, m'dear.
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    Hey pinkstar! i can't type much now since its my inbetween pain meds time but i just wanted to say hi. I'm 22 and i've been dealing with this for about 9 years now. It's not easy but people have differing levels of disability and there are ways of coping.

    chat more soon..
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    Hi Lauryn,
    I am so sorry; it's a lot harder when you are young and have a career in front of you.
    Don't give up, though. Keep reading and asking questions. Educate yourself; that's the best thing you can do. Find a Doctor who understands. There is evidence that if you get treatment early, there is a better chance you will improve.
    I'm glad you found us.

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    First off, tell the dolt that celebrex is used to treat arthritis and other problems relating with joints. It won't help a bit no matter how much you take!

    That's like only putting sunscreen under your clothes and wondering why you still got burnt. The dolt's treating a problem you probably don't even have.

    Age wise I understand how you feel. I'm 22 and was just diagnosed back in April. I was just getting to the point in life where I was seeing what my future would be. I had a career, my own place to live, just bought a car and was planning my wedding.

    Career is gone, I've had to move back into my parents home, selling my car - and me and my boyfriend never really talk about a wedding anymore. The closest we get is joking about how it would take me 3 Demerols to get down the aisle.

    I feel like I should have more encouraging words for you, but they're just not in my head. I hope all the time that people find something to control the pain, or find a way to get back to their normal life, or even find out they really don't have FM and they can be treated.

    With an Art major, even though the pain may not go away - the pain might give you those extra inspirations to visually express how you feel.

    Pink hair, piercings and all - You're still not alone in all this!

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    I love your name and your picture. This is so hard for you I am sure. I am 48 now and have had Fm and CFS for at least 15 years. I think I had it since I was a kid but it wasn`t that bad that i got diagnosed.

    I would try to find a pain management doctor. If you can get your pain under control you can function again. Curently I am taking cymbalta(anti-depressant) and ultracet. They both help for pain. There are a lot of people going to the FM and Fatigue Centers and are getting help. I am going to the Dallas one and have impoved a lot since I starting going in April.

    Don`t give up, you can find something that will work for you. I have a lot of hope for the future. Lots of amazing things coming out of research on these diseases. Just hang in there, we are here for you and understand.