Your Experience with EMG? Questions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnneTheresa, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello fibro-friends,

    A few years ago, I had EMG (electromyography) tests on both arms to test for carpal tunnel and I experienced it as a rather painful test. (The test results showed I needed surgery, maybe that's why it was so painful - I don't know).

    A few weeks ago, my family doctor, in response to my ongoing and severe fibro pain (diagnosed 25 years, severe and unable to work for 10 years) has made a referral for me to see a specialist. Before he sees me, the specialist wants me to have a a full-body EMG.

    These are my questions

    Have you had a full body EMG?
    If yes, what was it like? Was it painful?
    How long did the procedure take?
    Did you feel well enough afterward to make your way home by yourself?
    Can you request a relaxant or mild sedation?
    What might the doctor be looking to find through the EMG?

    I'd appreciate it if you would share your experiences good or bad or any knowledge you may have about this procedure.

    Thank you kindly,
    Anne Theresa
  2. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    if you search the boards for EMG you will find a post I wrote details of my last EMG experience.
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I have had an EMG on my arms hands and legs. have never heard of full body.

    I would think it would be painful,as your hand one was. No on meds. that would make the results messed up. They are testing your nerve response and muscle.

    depending on you is if you might want someone to take you home.

    good luck jen
  4. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I only had one on my left leg (entire) and my foot. They did the stimulation using the shocking and they also used needles (about 10) in different areas of my leg.

    At first I thought it was painful but then as it went along and I knew what to expect it wasn't so bad...

    PITATOO Member

    I've not heard of a full body EMG. Normally it is used to tell if there is imparement or delay in the signal the nerve send via one part of the body to another. I had EMG on both arms, not painful at all, but at the time my carpal tunnel was so bad I had no feeling in either had most of the, which was awful as I have been a computer programmer for all my career, 27 years, and I could not feel the keys on the keyboard. Surgery was not nice, but that was before I heard of the "Brown" technique, very small incision, very short recovery time and less chance of scaring. I now have scar tissue built up and know will someday if not sooner than later will have to have surgery again to remove scar tissue. But it did work.

    The procedure was not painful as I was put completely out, but I had immediate relief it was awesome, but again would look into the new type of procedure, maybe they do not have to put you fully under???

    I had no need for any pain killers afterwards, but the kind of surgery I did have, quite big scars, I still do not have the same muscle tone I had before in my hands, I can barely get through writing even one check out before my muscles in my hand start to burn, again I am sure the new procedure will minimize that.

    How bad is it for you? Did your Dr. eliminate nerve entrapment in other areas, neck, elbow(common), other tests?, such as tapping on your wrist, that was a for sure for my Dr. when he lightly tapped on my open handed and face up wrist and my fingers jumped towards to almost a closed position, sure sign of median nerve being trapped.

    I really only got mine done because of my profession, as will all of us with fibro we all put up with weired, things, mine was not so much painful just totally numb.

    Hope this helps, I don't want to discourage you from getting the surgery, but just like anythying else health related you must do the homework yourself...Good luck and peace be with you - Bobby

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