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    Hi all, I have been a lurker for quite some time. Since we are on a message board I am making the assumption a lot of us have surfed the net for info on FMS. I am wondering what your one greatest tip to help you deal with FMS has been? What has helped you? Also, what was the worst tip you have had that had no effect or a bad one?

    Best tip?
    Worse tip?

    Thanks, I just thought this might help some and also help all of us avoid really bad ones.

    PITATOO Member

    No matter whatever your stressors may be, reduce them, every time I am under stress I relapse and it is just not worth it. I am happily divoriced and not really looking for a relationships. When I was going through the divorce it ws worse but now I don't have have those stressors anymore. My marraige to me was very toxic and I believe that it brought on my symptoms. I am still sick but now anywhere near before. My next thing is my job. Love my job but hate the boss, same story many have. But whey spend 1/2 or more of your waking hours working for someone who you can't stand. One by one reduce your stressors. If you can, if you can't stand your job but you have no choice to work than you proably have to take it. Do what you can when you can. Bobby
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    this is probably for cfs and cfs/fibro people - (not sure about fibro only people?) I found out about adrenal fatigue (on web) and got tested (I have it pretty bad) and am being treated for it. I am slowly feeling better- more energy, less insomnia, more hope for the future, etc. i have a long way to go though, its not a magic fast "cure". it is a healing process that couldl take up to 2 years. i've felt like crap for 12 years so I can wait 2 more !!

    if you have severe tired ness, tired all day, but "awake " at night, and can't sleep at night, and feel like you are very vulnerable to stress-- you should look up adrenal fatigue on internet. lots of good info on many different websites. i wish i had heard about it years ago!! (thats why i keep trying to tell everyone here about it)

  4. Suzan

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    I think that reducing stressors..helps the most. That and eating well..and pacing your activities.

    As for what is the worst advice??Not so easy to answer..I don't easily go for "miracle " drugs or cures for this illness. Maybe that is my worst...all the things..all the "doctors" that advertise for fibromyalgia cures. If there were a cure..don't you think we would ALL be doing it?????

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    I read some work done by Dr Basant Puri in UK.I Started on fish oils made by a company in Uk.The medicine is called Vegepa.i saw a change in my energy levels after 3 months of treatment.I saw a 30-40 percent improvement in my health.
    You have to start with high doses .His product contains mainly EPA but no DHA unlike other products.
    Hope that helps
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    Far and away the most helpful thing for me was to discover the food intolerances in my diet and eliminate them. For me, this was wheat and corn, but I understand that other people can have various intolerances.

    I came upon this strategy by a fluke about 6 years ago. At that time, my fibro symptoms were do bad that I sometimes had to literally crawl out of bed, and I was falling asleep sitting at stop lights. Some people at work had been talking about the Atkins diet, and how they had lost weight on that when they couldn't on other diets. I had gained about 30-40 lbs in the first few months after I got sick, and so when I heard about the success of Atkins (about 3-4 years into the FM/CFS symptoms), I thought: "well, if I have to feel this way the rest of my life, at least I can be thinner." So I started on a diet of my own creation which was, I found out later, not really anything close to the Atkins diet, but was probably closer to what people would call an Elimination Diet. I did know, at that time, that corn seemed to give me some problems, and that was a high-starch food, so I cut that out. I cut out most wheat, and dairy, and sugars (looking for low carb foods). What I ended up with was a diet consisting of mainly canned tuna, green salad, a little cheese, and Paul Neumann's Natural salad dressing (the olive oil vinagrette kind). The last item was chosen because it was the lowest carb dressing I could find that did not contain any corn syrup (corn, remember?). Yes, I ate tuna mixed with a little cheese and warmed in the microwave for breakfast. At night, I allowed myself to have a little bit of grains, mainly rice.

    After 3 days on this diet, I woke up on the 3rd morning and felt MUCH better. I didn't have to crawl out of bed. And even though I still had the morning stiffness, it was reduced by about half.

    I recently read that Dr. Cheney calculates that about 50% of the people with CFS have food intolerances, and that some large but lesser percent of people with fibro do also. He also says (which I found through my own long investigation) that these intolerances will not necessarily show up on a test (allergy, antibody, biopsy, etc.). Since I ended up having all three with negative results, I can confirm that. Nevertheless, the diet has continued for 6 years to be my mainstay of treatment. I have continued to be able to work full-time (at the time I started the diet, that was really questionable), and I find I don't have to rely on any prescription medicines, and only take some supplements (such as a probiotic and B vitamins). Although I am still not "well" and still have occasional relapses (stress IS a big factor, but it is difficult to control all of the stressors in our lives), I find that I can go on with my life.

    As for my worse tip, I guess I would have to say this one: "Trust your doctor." I realize that's a very cynical response, and some people have apparently found very helpful doctors, so I know they must be out there somewhere, but my own experience with doctors is that they come in two flavors: worthless and worse than worthless. The worthless ones will just shake their heads and say there is nothing they can do and you should just learn to live with it. The worse than worthless ones, of course, will write you a script for an antidepressant and refer you to a psychiatrist.
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    1)"Viruses breathe sugar" William Wong N.D. so no sugar.
    2)Systemic enzymes, pill or melons,pineapple,papaya, mango
    3)Hair analysis found Lead (immune suppression),cadmium & antimony.
    4)Transfer Factors targeted to my EBV and CMV viruses.
    5)Olive Leaf/Tumeric
    6) Rest whenever I feel tired. Rest is when the body heals, esp the adrenals.

    Worst tips:
    1)Told that I'm lazy, so get with it.
    2)Drink lots of coffee and push yourself.
    3)Exercise and push yourself to run longer every day. Note: I exercise until I feel tired, then I rest.

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