Your opinion of chiropractors? Your advice please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Asatrump, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    During my childhood and up until about 40 I saw chiros. At that time my doctor became ill and the practice was taken over by a new person. One treatment with him and the next day my entire neck from spine to throat was black and blue. That was the last time I went, over 25 years ago.

    I am 65, have spinal stenosis C 4,5,6, spinal degeneration and sacro problems, I think my right side is all shorter than my left. Looking at shoulders it is fairly obvious.

    Five years ago I went through problems with a nerve that went from my neck to my elbow pinched. That was painful and I was unable to use that arm for a couple of months.

    During that time my doctor ordered an MRI . When I saw him for the results he sat reading them for the FIRST time and said this is bad, this is very bad, you will need spinal surgery. Bam, I nearly fell over. Then he said: "it is a good thing you didn't go to a chiro or you could be paralyzed". That is what I remember most.

    I was sent to PT which made the arm much worse, it vibrated for days all by itself.

    Then I was sent to an ortho , by this time it was about 8 weeks from the intial diagnosis. Before I went I took valium and soma and was willing to do a headstand to keep from hearing the words spinal surgery. I was moving and 90% of the pain was gone from my cervical area/arm.

    My husband went in the exam with me to take notes. When I get nervous my brain slows to half speed if you know what I mean. My spouse said that I should not go back to him, that in plain English he was "snotty" and crass. I think I was so nervous I didn't hear much of what he said, but my husband had everything written down for me. The ortho did a thorough physical exam and said my skeleton could account for all my problems and pains: saying you do not have FMS but bone/spine/skeletal problems.

    He was more worried about my sacro region than the cervical, that last 9 pound baby left his mark. He dismissed me but said if I had further problems to see his WIFE in the office across the hall, who happened to be a Chiropractor.!! hmnnn

    This morning as I sat I felt "ping" like somebody snapped a nerve in sacro, plus am recovering from two months of not using my arm again. I went five years in between without a problem.

    If I see my GP again, he will send me back to that ortho who will send me to his wife the chiro.

    Would you see a chiro with my history/problems? I am 65 and had poor experiences with the several tries at PT. I have a hot tub and spend about 30 minutes daily in it with jets on high aiming at "problems de jour" and I truly believe that is why I have been so mobile. Now wondering if I need more.

  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    They can help some ppl. I went to one for 2 years with a cervical (neck) problem C2. No help. Finally went to an Ortho, he looked at the X-ray and said. You've got one leg shorter than the other. He put in a heel lift 3/8" and the neck has been fine ever since.

    Infections can be at the root cause of eating away of cartilidge. I would try some glucosamine. German studies used 3000mg minimum for results. My wife has "degenerative arthritis". We got her on glucosamine and a newer product: Microlactin. The combination helps her a lot.

    Another thought is Lyme. Lyme infections can cause a higher spinal fluid pressure.
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I don't know if a chiropractor can help with your problems or not. I do know
    that chiropractors are generally helpful.

    Here's my experience. Sometime ago, 15-20 years, I was walking the dog
    when I felt a severe pain. Like being hit in the small of the back w/ a bat.
    I fell down and couldn't get up. Couldn't even crawl home. Fortunately some
    neighbors carried me home.

    It was the 4th of July. Most places were closed. I went to Kaiser where the
    ortho prescribed pain pills and ordered X rays. These, of course, did not help
    my back condition.

    The next day I saw a chiropractor and after one treatment was 90% better.
    After the next treatment I could walk normally again.

    I have found that an adjustment by the chiro once a month generally keeps
    my back in good shape.

    I hope you can find some help.

  4. Anita B.

    Anita B. New Member

    Years ago, when I was a very young woman, I saw a chiropractor who manipulated my neck and back. He caused neck and back pain that never went away. I have been to chiros since, but I have not let them do anything other than the most soft manipulation. And, they did not help me at all. Many of them are in it primarily for the money. They take courses on "practice building" which teach them how to bring in as many patients as possible. There are probably some very skilled chiros out there, but why take a chance? Osteopaths have much more training than chiropractors. They have training similar to medical doctors, plus a great deal of training in muscles and bones and manipulation. Some osteopaths are general practitioners and don't do manipulation. If you can find a good osteopath who specializes in manipulation, I would far recommend that to any chiropractor.
  5. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I started seeing a chiropractor at age 17 when I had sudden unexplained back pain. All the allopaths would say is that I had pulled some muscles and needed bed rest and muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. Of course, none of this helped. Facing my senior year of high school, and almost unable to walk, my mom took me to a chiropractor. I have to say, he really helped me and got me back on my feet and doing pretty well.

    BUT- he also started working on my neck, which I had NO problems with originally. After seeing this chiropractor for a number of years (yes, he kept me coming back on a regular basis for years - I didn't know any better), I now had severe neck pain! My dh (boyfriend at the time) made me question if this made sense - to keep going back to him year after year and with increasing neck pain. And it didn't, so I quit.

    My back did pretty well until about 3 years ago. Sudden, excruciating back pain in my sacroilliac region put me in bed again. I was desperate after going from doctor to doctor and went to another chiropractor. He jumped my bones and just about killed me. I was in so much pain. This is before I knew I had fibro. This was also before I knew I had sacral insufficiency fractures!!!! I was letting a chiro crack my already cracked bones!!!

    Well, I never went back and will never go to another one again.

    They can possibly be helpful for some things, but I think do not understand fibromyalgia. And I have heard more than one surgeon say that if you have the kind of degenerative problems in your neck that you do, a chiropractor can cripple you.

    My advice is consult a DIFFERENT ortho.
  6. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I appreciate you taking time to reply to me.

    All WX thanks for the info, you would enjoy talking to my son who is on his fourth motorcycle. Now a Honda Gold Wing. Good thing he took safety courses as he blew at tire at 70 mph and got enough control to get to the exit ramp two weeks ago.

    Jamin , not sure if I would be willing to do anything that put me in more pain possibly the day after, guess I am looking for instant relief

    Rockgor, glad you got help for your fall, I am concerned about that once a month routine

    Anita, thanks for the info on the osteo but I fear that type of physician would want to take over all my fms stuff and I want meds left alone, only one MD prescribing for all my med issues, not just fms

    Jewel. Definitely a different ortho if I decided that route. I don't need one who doesn't believe in fms, although I do agree with his eval that my body has skeletal problems. I didn't care for the treatment from the time I walked in his office. First thing was to stand in front of a camera where they cooked up an 8x10 photo of me to put on the top of my folder. Said it was so maybe the doctor could remember patients. I truly didn't like that his solution was to see his wife across the hall.

    Thank you folks. I feel if I get in that chiro field, once they find a patient with skeletal problems they want to see you very often, not sure what my insurance would do, and not sure if I want to be touched that often, or even once a month.
  7. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    It's ironic, asatrump, but an ortho was actually the doctor that finally gave me the fibro diagnosis. From what I have read on the boards here, that is really unusual. They usually don't believe in it. But this was a young woman doctor who seemed to really be up on it. Unfortunately, after she diagnosed me, she said she doesn't treat it. Sigh.... But she did try to help. She gave me Flexeril and Ultram and a few referrals.

    Also, the FIRST ortho I went to was VERY arrogant and cocky. My dh disliked him too. He told me at my first appointment that "he didn't believe in sacroiliac pain". Whatever! BUT - and this is so ironic too - I think God had a hand in it - because of my history of JRA he did a bone scan, and DID end up finding that I had the sacral fractures! When I came back for my followup appointment, he was actually kind of sheepish, and said, "I know last time I told you I don't really believe in sacroiliac pain, but in your case, now I do". Can you believe that???

    Anyway, hang in there. Orthos can be cocky, and a mixed bag about fibromyalgia, but be persistent and keep searching for answers until you get them.

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