your opnion on vr. I Peter3:12

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    I come across this vrs.and was wondering what yours opnion of the last part.,but the face of the Lord is against them do evil.
    First part
    The eyes of the Lord are over thr righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers;
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    It is all true, even in the life of a believer. It does not mean God stops loving us, just that He cannot bless us spriritually if we persist in unrepentant sins and lifestyles.

    I think that the real issue is that we see evil as God sees it. All self-will is sin. But God looks on the attitude of our hearts. My favorite preacher, Zac Poonen, says... "A true convert hates their sin and desires to be free from it at all costs. A false convert loves their sin and only pretends to hate it so that He can appear spiritual before men"

    If we hide our sin and pretend it does not exist, God's face will be against us. In other words, He will be forced to discipline us because He loves us and wants us to repent - just like a loving parent who found his child doing evil would not ignore it. Also, the bible teaches that hidden sin in our lives can hinder our prayers.

    If we truly hate our sin and desire freedom. God will always provide it for us in some way. He looks at our hearts to see what our attitude toward sin is. This is more important than whether we are struggling or not.

    Hope this helps. This is my take on it.
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    I agree with the response given by Advance, and would also like to add that it is important to read the entire chapter.whew!! We sure need His help to live for Him. Reminds me of Jesus words, 'without me, you can do nothing".

    I know, I sure need His help, every day, all day long!!May the gracious Lord Jesus give us all the strength to do His will. God Bless; blessings
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    I also think to help with meaning of Vrs you need to read the vrs around or where it comming from like. Thanks