Your Prayers Needed please for my lil sister......

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    Please pray for my lil sister(she is 15 yrs old), she has really been having a hard time lately. She is such a beautiful girl and a good child with a huge heart and she is very sensitive. She has been down with a very bad cold and virus....Mom had to take her to the ER last week, she was so sick and is still sick but feeling just a little better as of last night.

    She is having such a hard time at school and at finding good true friends, she has had so many so called friends do and treat her wrong. Very sad to say, but from the things she tells me that goes on at school etc... Some kids can really be crul, they seem even more crul then when I was in school.

    Mom has told me how she has come out of the school many times upset and crying. (Mom picks her up every evening from school)

    Week before last there was a boy in her class that was making fun of blind people and acting like he was blind, well this upset my lil sister so bably of course, especially being that our dad is totally blind in one eye and slowly loseing vision in the other eye.....well she spoke up and said something to the boy about making fun of the blind and how our dad was legally blind.....

    he just continued to make fun anyway and what was even worse her so called 2 good girl friends continued to laugh with the boy and then they ignored her for days afterward....she stays stressed out and even seems depressed at times, because she just wants good friends and to be liked...this is just one of the examples of things her so-called friends have done (to many to tell)!

    Mom has talked and talked with her as I have myself....but it just dosen't seem to help much....I know to some this may not seem like a big deal, but it is very big for my sister and for us to see her so upset... and at 15 years old she should be enjoying her youth, life and school....not being stressed out and depressed all the time.....

    Alot of the girls in school want talk to her or act like they don't like her....Like Mom and myself have both told her alot of that is just jealousie....I'm not saying this just beacuse she is my sister, but she is a beautiful girl, she is tall and slim and has the cutest little figure and I do feel alot of the girls are jealous....and my sister is such a loving child who dosen't even see/realize herself just how beautiful she is inside and out.

    I wished me and my sister were closer in age, so I could be there with her in school....We are almost 17 years apart and there is only the 2 of us...we don't have any other siblings, so sometimes I feel more like a 2nd mom to her then a really hurts me to see her hurt and down.....we are very close....but she needs good friends her own age, that have simlar interest.

    Would you please just say a prayer for her, I pray God will send her a good friend and please pray that her mind will be at ease and not let these kids get to her...Also that she will feel better from this Virus she has.

    Also please continue to pray for my dad and his vision and well as my health....the last 2 months I have really down.

    **So sorry this was so long, didn't mean to make it this long.

    Thank You & God Bless
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    Prayers for your sister and the family. Peer cruelty is common and hurtful. I pray she feels better physically, and that emotionally she will grow enough to where comments from fellow students won't hurt as much.

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    I worry so much about my lil sis and these years are suppose to be some of her best and most enjoyable years.

    She is so sensitive and takes everything to heart and I too pray she grows, in not letting things/people get her so down.

    Again, thank you

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    My husband is a teacher, and has taught high school, and elementary. School is WAY more difficult now than when I was young. Okay, but even in the last 15 years, many things have changed drastically.

    My husband has good authority and he's an art teacher which is easier for the kids. But they are way out of control, even at a younger age.
    It might not be only your sister's sensitivity, but the other student's cruelty.

    I'm so proud of her that she spoke up to that boy! Wow, impressive!!!

    I'll be praying for her virus/cold and her need of good friends. What are her interests?

    Also prayers for your Dad, and for your health. For all in your family.

    Your sister sounds like a wonderful person! A lot of kids don't have good values like your sister does, and compassion. We'll keep praying her through.

    Love Judy
    Prayers going up :)
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    So sorry your sister is going through all of that. I went through the same thing being an only child and being heavy all my life. Never had many school friends and had kids making fun of me.

    I got so insecure when I was in high school that I would wear a sweater even on the hot days to try to cover myself up.

    Now I'm not that way anymore and don't really care.

    I pray your sister will understand this and it won't be so hard for her. What grade is she in?

    Usually the kids get better in high school than in the lower grades.

    I'm so sorry about your dad. Matt has to have more laser surgery on 5/31.

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    I will sure be praying for your sister. Kids can be so cruel.

    God Bless you and yours.....Mari

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    That is so great your husband is a art teacher. My lil sis enjoy's art and she can be so creative.

    With your husband being a teacher, I’m sure he see’s alot.....and see’s how much things have really changed over the year’s. Even since I was in school, thing’s have changed for the worse and the kid’s just seem even more cruel.

    I don’t know if it’s some of the parent’s not teaching there children morals, values and how to treat other’s....I’m sure that’s some of it and I’m sure most parent’s do there best and some kids are learning and doing as some of there peer’s....I just don’t know what is happening to some of our youth these days.

    I agree with you 100%, they are way out of control. I also agree with you, it’s not just my sister being so are right, other student’s can be extremely cruel.

    I too, am very proud that she spoke up to the boy who was making fun of the just breaks my heart the way they treated her after she did speak up and continue on to make fun and laugh and even ignore her....this hurt this child so deeply.....she cried until she made herself sick. I know they are just children....but at the ages of 14 and 15, if taught they should no you agree??

    You were asking about her interest....she loves art, loves to draw, enjoy’s working on her scrapbooks and she makes them so creative, she also enjoy’s taking creative picture’s, enjoy’s photography very much, she also enjoy’s music and of course TV as most teenagers :)

    She is feeling much better from the Virus and cold....But mom was telling me last night because of some of these kids and her so-called friends, she was not wanting to go back to school today. I have a good friend that we have been best friend’s for a little over 16 years, we went through most all of high school together and I can say it does help getting through school with a true best friend....and that’s all lil sis want’s....I pray God will send her that true friend.

    Thank you so much for all your kind words and prayer for my sister and family. Again, not just because she is my sister I say’s just a fact.....She is a wonderful young lady who also loves the Lord. We have wonderful parent’s who brought us up with good values, morals, respect for other’s, as well as to never make fun of other’s.

    Please continue to pray for her, that God will send her a good friend and to make her stronger to not let these kid’s get her so down. ~God Bless~

    I'm so sorry you went through that growing up in school. Some don't think it has a impact on people/children at the time, but it does especially at such a young age. Teenager's get stressed-out and depressed just as adults do.

    My sister has become very insecure, I feel mostly beacuse of what other's her age say. She has no reason to be insecure about her body, looks or personality....she is a beautiful girl outside and inside....but it's like when we tell her's like she dosen't believe us.

    She is now in the 8th grade, will be starting High School next year, she had to start school late because of the month her birthday falls on.

    I pray things and kids will be better for her when she starts high school....I really worry about that...if it will be worse or better for her in high school.

    Thank you for your prayers...Please continue to pray for her....this is not something that just started has been going on for awhile now....because she does get so down and depressed....We may even try to get her into counseling if need be....

    Also thank you for your continued prayers for my dad & all family....
    I'll be praying for Matt, that his laser surgery goes well on the 31st.

    Thank you hun for your prayers. You are so can be so cruel...Please continue to pray for her.

    God Bless
    ((Hugs & Love to All))

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    Will continue praying for your sister. High school is liable to be either easier or harder. It's been a long time since I was in high school. Perhaps things have changed from back then.

    Thanks for the good wishes for Matt. I keep hoping that each surgery will be the last one. He is really good about eating right and watching his diabetes.

    Continuing prayers for you and your family as always.


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    Even though my sister has/is being raised and know's to respect other's.... it's very hard for her to give respect to those who have no respect for her or other's. She has tried ignoreing there opinions, but as you said that's sometimes eaiser said then done....especially when you see them everyday and your in class with them everyday.

    Even though she know's to give respect where respect is due, I also want her to stand up for herself....she can be very shy and is very very sensitive. With some of the kid's in school if you don't stand up for yourself...they will continue to make you there target...very sad, but true.

    You are very right, it's very dishearting to realize that someone you thought of as a friend, is not worth your respect. I have talked and talked with her myself and I have told her these 2 girls she thought were her friends...were never really her friends to begin with and it's there loss in loseing her as a good friend.


    Yes, I pray high school will be better for her. I guess we will soon know. She has mentioned before wanting to be home schooled, if it gets any worse it may be something for my parent's to consider.

    Thank you for your continued prayers. I also pray that this will be Matt's last laser surgery. That is so good he does well with eating right and watching his diabetes....that is a big key to helping there.

    How have you been doing? Is your legs still swelling? I hope you are having a low-pain, less-fatigue day!!!


    I'm sorry your son also has had trouble finding a Good Friend....I pray with you that God will send him a Wife best friend.

    I'm not sure about the anitdepressants for lil sis....I know that mom is going to probably get her into counseling and we will see from there....which I think counseling would be really good for her...Depression runs in our family....I battle with it, as well as my dad....and I also seen my grandfather(my dads father) battle with depression.

    Sometimes, I wished my lil sis wasn't so soft hearted and so sensitive...maybe then she could deal more with such cold people....but that's not who she is.

    Lil sis did go on back to school yesterday, and the 2 "so-called friends" that were making fun and laughing with the boy about the blind didn't speak a word to her...but in class she kept hearing them tell each other you will owe me 5 dollars....

    Well another girl who is not in lil sis's class but sometimes talks to them all....told lil sis that these 2 girls had a 5 dollar bet to see who could go the longest without talking/saying a word to lil terriable is just breaks my heart how cold these kids can be....there was so more things said as well.

    I talked with lil sis for a good while on the phone last night and it's so heart breaking to see/hear a child so down.

    Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for her. I pray you are having less-fatigue and a lower-pain day!

    God Bless
    ((Hugs & Love to All))


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    How terriable....I'm so sorry your son had to go through that and I'm sorry you had to go through it as well...when your child is bullied and comes home hurt's you just as much as them....I know my mother has been a nervous wreck as well as really hurts to see her do down and depressed all because of these cold kids.

    You did the right are far from a bullie for sticking up for your son. My mother has been over to the school in the past because of other bullies and trust me she want's to go over there now as well as myself....but my lil sis has begged her not to...she say's it will only make it harder on her at for now(only) mom is not going over there.

    As I was telling Faye....if it gets any worse...home schooling may be what we have to do.

    Yes I pray counselling or both will help her....that's what scares me her going over the edge and becoming more depressed....she is already so down on herself and even thinks she is ugly and that just no one likes her. She is a beautiful girl.

    Thank you hangin as well as the other's for talking and praying with me about has worried me so much...I pray lil sis is having a better day today.

    God Bless
    ((Hugs & Love))

    P.S. I'm going to put a picture of my lil sis in my profile for just a little while.....she is such a beautiful girl, but is so inscure about herself beacuse of other's.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Do you see a picture of my dad and sister or is the picture of my fur-babies still up???

    Hugs & Love

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    It's a picture of my dad and lil sis.


    Oh hangin....I too just don't understand why people have to be so cruel and mean....your story about being at the resturant brought tears to my terriable....and these clerks didn't even know you and your right, why did they even have to do that at all...WHY....what was the purpose...What did they really gain??

    Why...why would anyone want to do such can they sleep at night. If I even think I may have hurt someone by accident, I can't sleep at night until im able to apoligize.

    I guess some people have no compassion at you think some of it comes from the way they are brought up and taught??? I know my parent's raised us from little never make fun and let me tell you if they would have even thought I was making fun of anyone I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a long time.

    I can tell you this....I do believe though what goes around comes around...that may sound harsh...but I have seen it happen.

    Just like these teenagers making fun of the what if one day they have children that may be blind or even become blind themselves later in life....I pray that dosen't happen but im just saying I believe in you reap what you sow....

    As for adults such as these clerks at the resturant....I really don't understand it....maybe some think in there on mind there better then other's I don't know....I just don't understand it. I pray for these people who have no compassion or respect for that matter.

    Again...Thank you hangin for talking with me about this and I see you also understand what it's like....I hate your son and you had to go through some of the same...

    ((Hugs & Love))

  13. MamaR

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    What a beautiful young lady that your little sister is! She looks so precious and sensitive.
    I am still asking God to help her and your dad.

    Love, Mari
  14. windblade

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    Your sister is interested in art! How my husband would love to have her in one of his art classes. She is the rare kind of student and PERSON that teachers love to teach, and need for their own sanity.

    I'm afraid that things are as bad in most school systems as you have been thinking. Last night I was searching for a book to share with you called ' Reviving Ophelia' by a wonderful psychologist called Mary Pipher, Ph.D.

    She speaks of the horrors that teenage girls go through in our school systems and culture. She is not a doomsayer, but a loving, compassionate advocate for girls.

    In another book of hers "The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding our Families in speaking of children in school she says "Teachers agree that children are less polite and innocent. And believe that children are learning how to interact from TV, not people. As one teacher said ' Manners are not in the culture. Beavis insults, so my students insult."

    "Another teacher said, "Kids today are missing some essential social skills for relating to each other. They relate to each other via put-downs. "

    "Teachers agreed that ... nice, well-behaved kids are overwhelmed by the system"

    EXACTLY like your sister - and there is so much more that is worse.
    If it is at all possible for your sister to be home -schooled, I would think 100% it is the right idea.

    Then, if she ever changed her mind, she could always go back.

    But, no wonder she's depressed!!!! It's like facing a 4 year prison sentence. And it's because she has integrity, kindness, compassion, and doesn't go along with the cruelty!

    Another teacher in the book said she lies awake at night thinking of the students like your sister, knowing she can't help them.

    I woke up this morning praying for your sister.

    Now these are some of my thoughts, if you don't mind. Just because I'm also hearing stories all the time from my husband's and his colleagues.

    1) homeschooling

    2) extra art classes ( to meet kids with similar interests)
    in an art scool possibly.

    3) counseling and maybe anti-depressants if it's genetic, like in my family. And situational depression until the situation is resolved.

    4) maybe a church youth group? But definitely following her interests.

    I think something really important also is for your sister not to feel like the failure here!!!! She's the hero!!!!

    What courage she has to stand out, and speak out, and struggle to be true to herself and her values!!!!

    Also, I would think to be careful not to have a therapist who is ignorant of the true nature of the school-system; and wants your sister to adjust!!!!! Nightmare.

    If your sister sees that she has your and your parent's understanding of the situation, and that you are being objective and informed, WHAT a relief for her.

    Sending up lots of prayers.

    Mary Pipher would say that your sister has one of the greatest gifts in short supply today, a loving and supportive family!

    Blessings to your family as you help her.

  15. windblade

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    looks like a model. Objectively, she is that beautiful and also adorable.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member


    Thank you so much for your continued prayers and kind-thoughtful words.
    May God Bless You & Yours


    Thank you so much for your continued prayers, kind words, wonderful and Great advise. Yes, she loves art very much and she can be so creative. Just her scrapbooks alone amaze me, they are so neat and full of creativity.

    I tell you, I give our teacher’s like your husband, much praise. I sometimes don’t know how they do keep there sanity.

    Thank you for the names of these book’s and author. I will be sure to pick them up at the library for my sister and myself to read. I think, I’ll have hubby pick them up this evening if there in at the library. This may be a great help and start for my lil sis.

    You know it’s so true about the way kids are missing some essential social skills for relating to each other. I have witnessed many times first hand how kids are relating to each other with put-downs. things have changed! Some of the way’s they relate to each other, back in the day use to fighting words when I was in school....very sad.

    I also agree 100% that well-behaved kids are overwhelmed by the system.

    Another thing you said one of the teacher’s said in this book about she lies awake thinking of the student’s, knowing she can’t help....this really hit’s home. I think all of this consumes my sister’s mind. That make sense? Reason I say that, she is just like me and my dad, when something is worrying and bothering her that’s all she thinks about.

    Your thought’s and advise is very welcome, helpful and much appreciated!

    It’s sad, but my lil sis does feel like she is the failure and you are right she’s the hero and we all express that to her and how proud we are of her. She defiantly has a loving family beside her.

    I’m going to call her in awhile and I pray she had a better day at school.

    Again, Thank you and Thank you for the continued prayers.

    ((Hugs & Love))


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    How are you today?
    I pray you are having a less-fatigue, low-pain day!

    I called yesterday evening and had a long talk with sis....she sounded a little better yesterday. She is giving her all, trying to not let them get to her...

    Just like you were saying how you would get upset about the bullies...bullying your son and you in your are so right when we get upset and let bullies see's just making there day.

    I have told little sis to take up for herself and stay true to herself...but not to let her emotions show to these bullies....that's what they want is to see her so upset....that just makes there day.

    I do think sometimes kids fall in with the wrong crowd and begin to bully just because there friends are doing it, when down deep they know it's wrong....and you should be very proud hangin for the kids that didn't get bullied because you stepped up and stopped it. You also are a very good and loving Mother for being there for your son and stepping up for him when he needed.

    I tried to get the books yesterday evening that Judy suggested but the library didn't have them I had them put on hold when they do come back in...I think these would be great books for her and us to read....

    I too, am very thankful that we have each other here to talk to and share with people who really Care!!! I thank you and All here for your prayers, understanding and compassion.

    May God Bless You & Yours
    ((Hugs & Love))
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    How is your sweet sister doing?
  19. ilovecats94

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    I'm still having fluid problems and I really don't know why. I take a fluid pill about every 3 days or so. I don't know if that is the problem or what. I should probably stop the fluid pill for a week and see if my fluid problem will settle down.

    I don't add salt to any of my foods, but I do eat a lot of fat free foods and they are loaded with sodium. But I have been doing that since 1989 and didn't have that problem until I got this erosive esophagitis problem in January. At that time I was under a lot of stress due to the wedding event.

    Prayers always going up for your sister and your dad and his eye sight.

    Love & prayers,

    BLUEROSE7 New Member


    Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. Lil sis spent the night with me this past Sunday, since they didn’t have to go to school on Monday because of Memorial Day. She is the doing the best she can right now, all of this is still heavy on her mind. We had a long talk and I let her read some of the post here. It really touched her and made her feel good to know other’s are praying with and for her.

    Thank goodness the last week of school for her is next week and they start summer vacation. So she is really excited about that, plus I think it will be good for her to get a long break from school right now. She mentioned home schooling again as well as my mom, so this may be what she will do in the future if need be.

    Those books you told me about came in yesterday, mom took her by the library to pick them up yesterday.....Thanks again for giving me the title’s and author of those books. I’m going to read them myself after she has.

    I pray your day is going good with lower-pain and less fatigue.
    God Bless


    Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. As I told Judy, I give your husband and all teacher’s much praise. I don’t know how they do it sometimes. I too, am very proud of lil sis for standing up to that boy. I just pray things get better for her.
    Again, thank you for your much needed prayers
    God Bless


    I’m sorry you too are still retaining fluid. I haven’t been taking my fluid pills as much or as often either. I’m suppose to take them everyday, but they sometimes make me sick on the stomach and often don’t do a lot of good. I think it’s good to take a break from the fluid pill for awhile now and then anyway.....they are not real good for us and take a lot out of our body along with the fluid.

    I’m like you I don’t add any salt to my food either anymore, haven’t for a long time. A lot of foods(processed foods) already have so much added salt as it is. I use to eat a lot of low-fat stuff as well, now I just try to watch what im eating and really watch my portion size.....but I still swell up like a balloon’s very uncomfortable and frustrating.

    I’m praying for Matt today.....I pray all goes well. Praying for you and all family.

    God Bless
    ((Hugs, Love & Prayers to All))

    **I pray you ALL are having less-pain and a less-fatigue day!!