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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    My Doctor put me on this last night because my muscles all down my right side are what makes my back hurt.I had a wonderful nights sleep for the first time in months if not years.What affects have any of you had?

    I thank God ,I think I have found a good Doctor after 7 long years and so much frustration.

    He is sending me to a pain clinic and also to physical med clinic. The second is where the Doctors will help me to rehabilitate after I get control of my pain.
    Things like acupuncture and other things that are different.
  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I use flexeril as a sleep med. It is one of the few meds out there that promote stage 4 sleep. It doesn't seem to help me much with the muscle spasms, but as a sleep aid it is wonderful!

    For me though, I can't use it every night as I develop a tolerance to it. I only use it on the nights before I have to work the next day (I only work part-time). You may not have that problem, but if you do, it might help to not use it every night.

    Glad you are getting good results from it!

    Take care, Sally
  3. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Hi Carabelle:

    I have used Flexaril on the occassions where my MPS pain is really bad and the muscles in my back and hip area won't stop spasming, I have had good results, use it at night as I don't want to be groggy...Ive never been on it for more than 10 days, as I usually see a chiropracto who is really good at myofascial and trigger point therapy which usually works to stop the pain and spasms. But until I can get in Flexaril certainly does work...Glad to hear it is working for you...


  4. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    it didn't help me at all. I couldn't even tell I had taken it. I also had extreme pain down my right side and muscle spasms which was why he prescribed it. Dr just put me on Zanaflex yesterday. Haven't taken one yet.
    Glad it's helping you. MIP
  5. caffey

    caffey New Member

    It doesn't do anything for me.
  6. angellwolffe

    angellwolffe New Member

    i had an extreme reaction to it. I take nurontin for peripheral neurapathy, the loss of feeling or tingling and burning in hands and feet. The rheumy gave me flexeril and it made the condition worse.

    The docs said it can't happen but with a little research, I found it can happen in less than 1% of the time.

    I hope it works for you.

  7. millennia

    millennia New Member

    It doesn't make me the least bit sleepy. I'm not sure if it helps my muscles. I still take it sometimes, but I'm not sure it's really helping.
  8. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member


    Flexeril has worked well for me for about 5+ years now. I used to take 1 10mg at night. Now I take 2 10mg at night and sometimes one during the day. I do get a bit sleepy with 2, but it just helps me get better rest.

  9. aubrygreen

    aubrygreen New Member

    is one of the worst meds I've ever taken. Took it once to help me sleep... it did help me sleep for sure, but I woke up in one of the worst pain fits I've ever experienced. I felt like I had been running a marathon with a 70 lb ruck on my back all night.

    I'm glad it works for you though! :p
  10. kbak

    kbak Member

    Hi Carebelle,
    I'm on flexeril. It's the only Dx drug I use on a regular basis. I have used it for sleep. It really doesn't give me a lot of good muscle pain relief.

    What I have started using for sleep and better mucsle pain control is magnesium. There is a thing called transdermal magnesium, you can goggle it. I use it topically, and take oral magnesium too. I have found that it really works quite well for pain control and sleep.

    I'm very glad flexeril is working for you. It's always so good to have something that gives relief!

    Take care,
  11. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Well its not really working for my pain but it does relax my muscles. It makes me feel terribly tired .My doctor said take it once a day.

    I have hopes when I get to the pain clinic they will help me with my pain.

    I have been having pain in my hands today but that could be the weather its cold and wet here.
  12. sweetpea48

    sweetpea48 New Member

    It does wonders for my muscle spasms, but makes me groggy for two days. I only take it if I am going to be off work for two or three days together.
  13. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    It doesn't do anything for me pain-wise; and sleep-wise, it makes me exhaused for 36 hours. It's one of the few meds I decided to never try again after taking it a couple of times. Most of the other stuff, if it doesn't work, I'll try it again months later hoping it well. Flexeril's sleepiness was so bad that I never wanted it again. But, I can see how it would help other people who might want the sleep.
  14. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I was recently put on Flexeril after the bad fall I had in the laundy room (another post somewhere in the archives).

    It seemed to relax me and temporarily made my muscles seem 'smoother', but it did not last long.

    I take two per day and only take it because the doctor feels it will help in the long run with the fibromyalgia.

    No, it does not make me sleepy. I take Restoril for that.
    (I have a high tolerance for meds).

    I hope that it all works out for you and you get much relief with it. We are all different and the way the med works is different with many people.

  15. JUSTME74

    JUSTME74 New Member

    I agree it does help, but I would wake up so groggy and remain that way for most of the next day. I started taking Valerin from WonderLabs, it's herbal and works just as effectively without the groggy feelings the next day. I highly recommend giving it a try!
  16. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I thought maybe I could give my two cents worth, that might help those of you where this drug might cause sleepiness and makes you groggy.

    My husband recently was put on the 5 mgs of Flexeril, which is new on the market, so the pharmacist says...and he claims it works alot better than the 10 mgs as far as causing drowsiness or sleepiness during the day. It might help alot of you with your symptoms if you take it during the day for your spasms.

    Also my husband will take two of the 5 mgs at nightime to help him sleep better, or just one of the 5 mgs if he has to get up and go to work the next day, and he said he isn't groggy or sleepy in the morning.

    I just thought I'd let you know there is a 5 mg of Flexeril out there if you ask for it.

    Good luck and I hope this was a little helpful for some.
    Gentle hugs,
  17. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    and I didn't think flexiril was doing anything,I found out that my muscles tightened a lot without the flexeril.Now,I'm back on it.Linda
  18. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I take two Flexeril a day and can say it helps relax my muscles: not a whole lot, but a relief.

    It is also good for sleeping with some peace.

    Good luck with it!

  19. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I think the myriad of answers to the effectiveness of Flexeril demonstrates a very important point---ALL OF US ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIFFERENT. What works for one, doesn't do a hoot for the next person.

    When I took Flexeril, I couldn't tell any difference at all. It did absolutely nothing for me.

    COX2 inhibitors don't work for me either. When I took them, my body felt as if I had been drug behind a car for a half of a mile.

    I use an interferential muscle stimulator to stop the spasms and pain associated with it. It wasn't cheap, and the insurance company would not pay for it. Was it worth the $1,200 that I paid for it? You betcha! Would it work for someone else? I'm clueless. My physical therapist used this on me before and after each therapy session. It did more for me than the actual therapy. When the insurance company's allotment of PT visits expired, I purchased an interferential muscle stimulator myself.
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  20. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    I take it for the spasms in my neck only- and it does promote me to sleep.. I have Vicodin for pain- if I took all the meds the way it is written, I would be a zombie- so I try to take only as needed..... It helps when i have the spasms BUT not pain... Janet Yes, everyone reacts different to meds..

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