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  1. judithjjjj1064

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    I am asking all who care to list some of their symptoms. The limitations you have experienced with Fibromyalgia. My reason for asking is that I am in a legal fray with my last employer. The agency for Civil Rights, have little and close to no knowledge of this syndrome. I have gotten a statement from my rheumatologists, I just feel that actual statements from actual people will educate them further. I have also taken the cause to educate the public at large to our plight, so that we can end the senseless suffering of others. I do not want anyone to go through the inane process of being labeled crazy or a hypocondriac. Your help will be greatly appreciated, God bless you all. Ta
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    Do you want just the most disabling symptoms? If I listed all my symptoms, there would not be enough room here.

    Maybe getting a book that list symptoms may be more credible. Not that we aren't credible, I just think the people you're dealing with would believe it more if it was published in a book. My favorite is "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual" by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.

    It includes symptoms that are typical and the not-so-typical such as having so much static electricity in your body that you stop watches and damage computers (first hand experience here). Also helps you realize that some of the "crazy" things are not so crazy.

    Let me know what kind of list you want.

    PS. many typos, many edits,... oh that fibrofog!!!
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  3. Mwitherite

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    head aches - like that commercial where a rock falls on the guy standing in line
    aching all over - tylenol doesn't quite do it - even on a good day
    28 year old moving like an 85 year old - not acceptable
    costant tightness in neck and shoulders - that leads up to the rock falling on me
    complete inability to sleep through the night - due to pain
    complete inability to raise up off the bed in the morning without at least 2 tylenol and a complete have to go to work.
    unable to bend down or sit on the floor for any reason or for even a moment
    depression - mostly due to the fact that your children just know that you can't play outside in the first deep snow of the winter
    frustration - because until now you have never really heard of FM and apparently neither have any of the doctors you pleaded with and fought with over the last 12 years.
    anger - because so many doctors have flat out told you its all in your head and sent you for a psych exam - which of course got you one more lab rat session with the newest antidepression med - which by the way does NOTHING for this kinda of pain like they said it would.

    I would probably get the best ten recommended books to show them b/c like you said, they label us hypocondriacs and crazy.

    I wish you the best of luck in your efforts!

  4. xingen

    xingen New Member

    Been diagnosed about 2 years now. Some symptoms are not every day, and some are.

    Pain above and below waist on both sides of the body: concentrating in the feet, knees, (I can't go down or up stairs without pain) thighs, HIPS, lower back

    Muscle spasms in thighs, ribs and chest (if I ever have true Cardiac pain I'll never know)

    Inability to get to sleep with out drugs, inability to stay asleep without drugs

    Brain fog, switching words around in sentences, substituting words with other words in oral speech, inability to recall common words when stressed.

    Inability to deal with stress, noise, too much light, to many demands on my time. Feelings of being overwhelmed (at the thought of just dusting one room in the house!)

    Headaches, muscle aches, restless legs, lower immune system, (I catch every thing anybody else has)

    Multiple other problems like allergies, asthma, regular arthritis, med allergies, eye problems, endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, multiple infections, sinusitis, pneumonias, (which all flare my fibro)

    I believe I also have CFS/ME --I am just soooo tired!!!

    And pain all the time everey where, sometimes it travels and some places are worse than others. I can deal if it is a 4-5 on the "pain scale" But over 5 and it gets distracting, and then downright un-- (whats the word?) un bearable!!

    Hope this helps. Its making me depressed and YES THAT'S ANOTHER WONDERFUL SYMPTOM!!!
    Hugs to all

  5. judithjjjj1064

    judithjjjj1064 New Member

    Any and all your symptoms. Thank you
  6. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    pain-shoulders,neck, butt cheeks, leg muscles, back mostly, numb feelings all over, tingling, burning, twitching, fatigue, weakness in arms and legs, headaches, trouble sleeping, eye problems..trouble focusing, blurred vision, floaters. These are the main ones. I probably forgot something.
  7. judithjjjj1064

    judithjjjj1064 New Member

  8. BonnieR

    BonnieR New Member

    Hi I just had to reply to your post. I can so relate to the dusting a room. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that would bring me so much stress. I didn't use to be that way.
    Just feels good to know someone else has those feelings.
    I don't sleep without sleep meds either.

    Thanks for you post.

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  9. sugafrog

    sugafrog New Member

    Hi, I've been diagnosed with this for over 16 years. I am now 38.

    Fibro-fog, muscles spasms all over, especially between shoulder blades. Lack of sleep (even with meds) Irritable bowel, constant fatique. Loss of motion. Arthritis in chest(feels like a heart attack). Migraines 4-5 x's a week. Low blood pressure.That is all I can think of in the middle of the night. I also have something that the doctors don't think of as a sympton, but I have saw some research linking the two. I pass out. 5-10 x's a day. It has nothing to do with my blood pressure. I've had ever test under the sun. Hope this helps some. Good Luck!!
  10. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    It's a long, hard row:

    I've learned through the years of agony, that I have to rest almost all day long. I have about 2 hours in which I can get out and have lunch some days or run some errands; otherwise, I'm basically bedbound.

    I feel very unwell unless I'm lying down. I started out with my Rheumatologist after being diagnosed with Lupus by three other doctors, and I wouldn't accept it. My Rheumy did extensive testing, ruling out all the other things, and I did have an antibody in my blood. He wanted to track it, and has been doing so for 20 yrs.

    He said I did not have Lupus at the time of his blood testing. I have gotten progressively worse, was put on Disability 10 yrs ago. I had a wonderful career with a large computer firm, world-wide, and they found me lying on the floor, I could barely talk.

    I was helped to my car, assured them I could drive, and then realized I had no idea where I was. That was the end of my career and the beginning of the worst years of my life.

    Deep muscle pain through to the bones
    Interrupted sleep
    Could not comprehend what people were saying
    Knots were forming all over my body
    Couldn't stand to be touched
    Body temperature could not be regulated
    Excruciating headaches every day constant, many trips to ER
    Once I got down, could not get up
    Pain in my joints, chest bones, tender spots over my body
    Neck and shoulder pain almost unbearable
    Lower back pain is disabling
    Was too tired to chew.
    Tingling in arms and legs.
    Limbs go to sleep.
    Neck pain is severe.
    Finally, was crying all the way through my exams
    Rheumy sent me to Psychiatrist to work along with him
    Major depression and Severe Anxiety
    At that time, could not put a sentence together
    Major fatigue
    Dry eyes, and alergy eyes
    Allergies to almost everything
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivities developed
    Oxygen levels dropped in my sleep - had sleep study
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Use CPAP
    Put on Oxygen

    Up to date: Still working with the same specialists

    Have Neurologist now who has helped me with my headaches

    Seeing a Cardiologist now to find out why my oxygen levels
    are dropping so low when I sleep.
    Having tests and Echocardiogram next week.
    Pacing myself, TRYING to get more sleep.
    Have help come into my home every two weeks.
    Just trying to take some stress and burden off myself so I
    can concentrate on healing and taking meds on time.

    I cannot make definite plans, as I don't know when a
    flare will hit. Sometimes they are just a few days,
    and sometimes two or three months.

    At times I have felt that this illness would kill me.
    Much stomach distress. GI doctor said IBS and chronic Gastric disease.

    This is a lot, I know. But it's 20 years worth, and condensed, at that. But I didn't have any problems getting my Disability.

    My doctors would not even allow me to drive for over a year. I'm still struggling every day and pray for a cure, but I'm doing the best I can. And I get as much help as I can afford.

    Good luck, Hugs
  11. muscle pain in my shoulders/neck area
    hip/sides of butt pain
    stiffness when getting out of car/chair
    chronic yeast infections
    irritable bowel syndrome
    constant bloating
    Interstial cystitis
    inability to sleep more than 4 hrs
    exhaustion on doing the slightest things
    sinus problems
    joint pain that moves around alot
    inability to walk too far
    sensitivity to light and loud noise
    Pain everyday
    brain fog

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  12. STEFFI43

    STEFFI43 New Member

    I am trying to work-trying being the key word. Here are my problems: Poor quality of sleep-use CPAP, but feel claustrophobic with mask/nose pillows; severe muscle pain and joint pain; depression(no meds help); brain fog; can't remember words or people's names; cannot get up easily after sitting because of stiffness; something that hasn't been mentioned in other posts: I fall a lot. Don't know if it is from muscle weakness or what. Family doesn't understand why I am not my happy self I once use to be and cannot do the things I use to do. They think I'm just being negative. Oh, cannot keep up with housework I use to do. Do a little, sit down, get up and try again and meanwhile everything piles up. This fibro really does on number on relationships, too.

  13. STEFFI43

    STEFFI43 New Member

    I forgot to mention other problems-that brainfog thing again. I have Interstitial Cystitis(debilitating bladder disease); IBS; Dry Eyes; muscle spasms in back so severe that I really have to work at not screaming. Am on SS because of my age, but still need to work to supplement that.
  14. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    and ad i cant sit or stand for more than 15 min without having to be flat on my back for a month charlene
  15. saddlebred

    saddlebred New Member

    Hi, I'm still new to Fibro so I'm still learning my symptons, but here is a list I know I have, but not 24-7.

    Shoulder and arm pain (ALL THE TIME)
    Trouble sleeping
    Pain trough out body
    Dry eyes
    Irritable Bowel
    Skin Iratations (sorry about spelling)
    Sin. to cold and hot weather

  16. simplyhurting

    simplyhurting New Member

    Unbelievable fatigue, daily, every afternoon, leg,hip, back, rib, chest, arm and feet pain. Allergies to scents and foods, etc. Vision problems, difficulty swallowing, depression.

    Hope this is helpful
    Good luck
  17. akwildflower

    akwildflower New Member

    Migraine headaches started at age 12. I am now 42. I have always been a very light sleeper, but began having experiencing intial insomnia in my 20's. Once I am asleep I am okay for the most part, unless I have to stay up for some reason.

    The worst symptoms for me are:

    little or no sleep without medication
    edema in legs and ankles
    fibro "fog"

    I also have chronic sinus problems; back, neck, and shoulder pain; headaches; and hypersensitivity to touch.

    Right now I do not see a rheumatologist, but am shopping for one. From my research, I believe that my difficulties stem from repeated sexual and emotional abuse; sepsis (endometritis) after the birth of my first child; and a bad car accident six years ago. It just makes sense that prolonged exposure to trauma alters brain chemistry.

    Hope this helps.
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    I forgot, I also have muscle spasms periodically experience aphasia when stressed. Aphasia is NOT a good thing when giving presentations and teaching a college course!
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  18. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Judith, here are my symptoms:

    Left side rib pain
    restless leg syndrome
    extreme fatique
    back/neck pain
    brain fog
    sore arms and feet (sometimes)
    poor sleep patterns

    I cannot imagine working a full-time job as the fatique is overwhelming. Part-time would be a struggle also.
    Hope this helps! Kim :)
  19. asherahca

    asherahca New Member

    pain in collar bones, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, hands, knees, feet, and ankles oh and legs,
    Sinues pain,
    short term memory loss
    poor concentration
    heart palpations
    poor sleep,
    trouble staying asleep
    Absent minded.. or foggyness..
    I dont know what to call it.. but for example I know need to be looking for something but I have no idea what it is...
    pain in neck and base of head
    so very tired.
    can't take loud noises
    I think that's it but who knows...

  20. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I've been ill now since before my teens & my symptoms have changed over the years, but here are the main ones...

    visual disturbances
    eye pain/optic migraine
    post exercise fatigue
    muscle pain
    Muscle spasms
    IBS/bladder probs
    Low BP
    Heart Palpitations
    Chest pain/costochondritis
    Chronic GERD
    Chronic Post nasal drip
    Headache/tension head pain
    Sleep disturbance
    Sensory overload (cannot be around crowds, or under fluro lights or I can't see or hear properly)
    Night Terrors & Nocturnal panic attacks (different things)
    Dizzy spells/near fainting
    Medication/food sensitivities

    If I think of anymore I'll add them later...
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