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    I am so sick of the ups and downs of this disease. For years, it wouldn't let me sleep. Now I have the opposite where I've been falling asleep sitting up. For some reason, the last bunch of months, I've got the reverse where I could just sleep forever. But no amount of sleep is refreshing and I toss and turn all night and have the night sweats so bad I soak everything. I'm just so tired of never knowing what's next. Bad day, okay day, dead day. It just doesn't stop. There is never a day where I feel okay. And the dizziness lately has been so severe that I haven't been able to do much of anything. I just wish the merry go round would stop already.
  2. 3gs

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    feeling your pain and frustration. this sounds exactly like me.

    hate never knowing if i can do something because you never know how you will feel.

    also the sleep thing. yikes! months of no sleep now i cant stay awake.
    also soaking the bed plus flashes during day.

    dizziness with me just started getting bad lately.

    hate having to tell grandkids all the time nope not today(again)

    don't know the answers but your not alone

    hang tough
  3. robin1667

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    please look up sleep apnea!

    You have the symptoms!

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