ZADAXIN- New Immune modulator?!

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    The newest article on the homepage is on this immune modulator...very interesting and profile is similar to thymus extract without the risks of animal glandulars...See Article..

  2. Plantscaper

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    This is the newest article on this message board's websit..Well, this article did not go into why animal glandulars are a problem, just stated that this drug carries none of the risk of them..Klutzo, however, has stated that parasites sometimes contaminate animal glandulars..

    The report is "Biotechs and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is Zadaxin a new Effective Treatment?"

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    I read that someone is getting this from Mexico
    at a cost of $800 per month! Just thought
    I would give a little tid bit of price.

    ALso, about safety. on another board, there
    has been talk about the safety of products
    (including colostrum and glandulars) regarding
    mad cow disease.

    I, too, worry about the safety of products.
    I took colostrum for a time and wonder if it was
    safe. Look for pasture-fed animals, etc, rather
    than those who eat meat.
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    59positives going for it..I wonder why one cannot obtain it, here, when the Biotech firm is from California..probably has not been approved by the FDA..and if it is $800 in Mexico, it is probably more expensive, elsewhere..

    HOPE IS HARD TO FIND SOMETIMES...Did the article indicate whether it is effective, or not, Applyn59? Yes, I always try to find the harmfulness level of a given treatment, if in the end, you may be harmed more than helped, by the treatment..A lesson learned by the horrendously harmful drugs my mother has had to take for her diseases..about as bad as the diseases..I think docs sometimes fail to remember their Hippocratic Oath, First of all, DO NO HARM![This Message was Edited on 05/31/2003]
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    The person was talking about it on a message board and he hadn't tried it yet. Was trying to save his money for it. Apparently, you can get it from Mexico and it is supposed to be cheaper than in the US and they send it to you. The person who wrote the article, said the company even calls you and asks how you are doing on it. She seemed impressed with it. Someone asked her for the contact info and she hasn't replied yet.

    Also, there is an online journal written by a hep c
    patient, MK Andrew. I haven't been to the site yet
    but there is a disclaimer that the site is very adult
    and you should know what that means upon

    Hope this helps.
  6. Plantscaper

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    Could you keep us informed as to whether they feel that it works or not? Thanks so much..
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    About ZADAXIN

    ZADAXIN is a subcutaneously administered, synthetic preparation of a natural peptide, thymosin alpha 1, which among other positive actions enhances the body's Th1 immune response to viral infections (current clinical studies target hepatitis C and hepatitis B) and to certain cancers (current clinical studies target malignant melanoma and hepatocellular carcinoma).

    ZADAXIN has been administered to more than 10,000 patients in both clinical and commercial use, alone and in combination with anti-viral and anti-cancer drugs, without producing any ZADAXIN related significant side effects or toxicities.

    SciClone produces ZADAXIN for current commercial sales through contract manufacturers in Western Europe and most of the company’s current sales are to importing agents in the People’s Republic of China for distribution in that country.

    Patent protection for ZADAXIN as a treatment for hepatitis C, an intended regulatory filing in the U.S., Europe and Japan, extends to 2015 in the U.S. and to 2012 in the European Union and Japan. ZADAXIN as a therapy for hepatitis B is patent protected until 2012 in Japan.

    How ZADAXIN Works

    ZADAXIN is a synthetic preparation of a natural peptide, thymosin alpha 1, that is shown to be important in activating a Th1-directed immune response. ZADAXIN promotes stem cell differentiation into helper T-cells and differentiation of those cells into the Th1 subset by increasing the production of cytokines such as IL-2 and gamma interferon and decreasing production of IL-4. In addition, studies suggest that ZADAXIN also increases the number and function of cytotoxic T-cells and natural killer cells.

    In addition to the immune-enhancing effects of ZADAXIN, there are also more direct anti-viral and anti-cancer effects. ZADAXIN enhances the expression of class I MHC molecules on diseased human cells, which leads to increased recognition of those cells as a target for an appropriately coordinated immune response. ZADAXIN also decreases oxidative stress, which dramatically decreases viral replication.

    The Immune System

    Disease-causing agents which circulate in the blood are usually quickly recognized as "foreign" by the body’s humoral, or antibody-based, immune component. By contrast, diseases such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, certain cancers and HIV, require a predominantly cellular immune response. These chronic diseases remain the most resistant to therapeutic intervention and are at the frontier of current medical investigation.

    The cellular immune response encompasses T-lymphocytes differentiated into T-helper cells of two types, referred to as "Th1" and "Th2" subsets. Studies have shown that Th1 cells are fundamental to the eradication of hepatitis C. Conversely, when T-cells are predominantly of the Th2 type, the hepatitis C virus is able to evade the body’s immune response and the disease becomes chronic. Thus, compounds which drive the immune response toward a Th1 profile could be highly effective in fighting chronic viral infection.

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    Thanks for the detailed info...This drug does look promising as it works on viruses that have been so resistant to medication because of the T/2 overactivation and suppression of the T/1 cells of the immune system..which seems to be our predicament...

    PatPalmer-have a look at this is also a peptide..I wonder how it differs from the Cytolog..but it is suppose to activate the Th1-directed immune response..

    Lifestar will not commit to Cytolog doing this function, according to the guy I discussed this with..and in Paulmark's e-mail from Lifestar, that seemed nonsensical and totally noncommittal..they would not give the T/1-T/2 theory of Dr. Cheney any credibility...

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    Thank you for highlighting this article. I had seen it and wondered how similar it may be to Cytolog, though it`s interesting they are administered differently.

    I like the research & trials that have been carried out. Be interesting if anyone goes this route to see results?

    We are still on the Cytolog, Dawn has complained of a sore throat for a few days now, but will not take any OLE. These throats always gave her a lot of grief in the past, but so far so good...

    I am on the OLE for my candida, it may be that Cytolog would cure this too, but I can`t bring myself to rely solely on one product as a cure all.

    Love Pat.
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