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    Hi all,

    it's me again ;).

    Maybe some of you have heard of Zadaxin or thymosin alpha 1. It is a drug mainly to treat Hepatitis B+C but Prof. Dr. De Meirleir uses it as well for PWCs and many of his patients improved dramatically.
    So why am I so excited about it? Because it has wonderful properties. It is used for Hepatitis, AIDS, liver disease and even cancer! It's no antiviral but a immune modulator which shifts us more in the direction of Th1 (viral defense). It won't cure viral infections in my eyes but it helps our immune system to target the enemy and attack it.
    What's best is that is has nearly NO side effects. Please read:


    Thymosin alpha 1 has an excellent safety record. In clinical and non-clinical studies to date, more than 3,000 patients, including adults, the elderly, and children, with viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C, primary immunodeficiency diseases, and numerous cancers have been treated with thymosin alpha 1 with virtually no drug-related side effects. Nor has there been any worsening of side effects when thymosin alpha 1 is combined with other agents such as interferon and chemotherapy. In animal studies, thymosin alpha 1 has been administered in doses as high as 800 times the recommended human dose with no evidence of adverse clinical signs.

    I don't know but if I'd be healthy I'd maybe take that drug just for prevention ;). Just kidding.

    ZADAXIN builds up the immune system by

    • Stimulating differentiation of stem cells— the cells that can produce virus fighters in the immune system.
    • Increasing the number of virus-fighting T cells—including CD4, CD8, and natural killer cells—that come from stem cells.
    • Slowing down the breakdown and removal (apoptosis) of T cells, which are the cells primarily responsible for the cellular immune response.
    • Increasing the number of helper cells (Th1 cells) that fight chronic viral infection.
    • Increasing the production of proteins (called cytokines) that help in the action and creation of more T cells in the immune response process. The particular proteins are interleukin-2 (IL-2) and interferon gamma (IFN-?).
    • Decreasing the production of the cytokines interleukin-4 (IL-4) and interleukin-10 (IL-10), which are counterproductive in the fight against chronic viral infections.

    ZADAXIN directly targets virally infected or cancer cells by

    • Increasing the number of surface-marker proteins (MHC Class 1) that are responsible for identification and rejection of foreign agents, like viruses, from the body.
    • Slowing down the replication of viruses.
    • Decreasing oxidative stress, which dramatically decreases viral replication.

    The problems are, it is not available in the US and some other countries (many european) BUT it can be imported if I remember correctly.

    What totally annoys me are the huge price differences. You need two 1.6 vials per week. 2 vials cost 200 $ in Mexico, 350 $ in Italy and, fasten your seatbelts, only 100$ in India. I wonder why there are so huge price differences and if we could import it from India or other cheap countries.

    Have a nice day.

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