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    thank ;you for answering my question in regards to his voices i guess he hears at times...

    long story short..we are divoced now and we had reconnected on some level but sunday night it wasnt so good for me...

    that is when i found out he is seeing a psycologist..well he told me he is trying to keep us on a friendship level for now and that i needed to not worry about him because he is getting some help...and he needed from me to get healthly and get fit, lose some lbs because it is bad for my health and well he didn't need or say anything else but obviously i must gross him out or something...that is what hurts right now...

    my anti- depressant have made me gain weight about 35 lbs...

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    My meds made my weight go through the roof. I have lost alot of it but still would like to loose some more. I use to wear a size 3/5 and went up to a size 16 now I am down to 9/12 just depends on what brand they are. I hate it but if it is what has to be for me to be "normal" *LOL* so be it.
    Men *uggh* I just got divorced last Aug.. we had seperated in March.
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    how did you lose your weight? did you change anti-depressants...? i have been on tyrclic's serzone,welbutrin,prozac,cymbaltya, paxil, and many more...

    well i know i need t exercise but i got shingles last year in feb...the pheumonia, i top of all the the other things...well i just wondered what you may have tried to lose yor weight...

    i am only on basically ambien today...tomarrow i go to pcp we'll see if she can put me on some mirapex..i heard some have been losing weight plus works well for some of their pain..and the resltess lgs...

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    I went off my meds for a while (I don't reccommend that at all *L*)and have done lots of exercise and not drinking so many mountain dews. Watching what you eat and drink can really help. The meds have a tendency of increasing appetites. Now that my stress fractures have healed I can start exercising again. I just have to find somebody to run with me.
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    thank you for you support and incentive may not osund like you have said much but i need hope i can get my old body back again....

    i just don't think i will be back on anti's again...i need to make some personal changes for my self esteem and getting my life better to what is was years ago...that would help..

    thank you again