Zanaflex....A little long,but worth reading...

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    I dont know if anyone is taking Zanaflex,But please let me share something with you. I have been taking it for over a year,and I had to go have my gallbladder taken out because I had stones and my gallbladder was diseased,and while they were in there they saw that my liver was diseased too,Well the dr did a liver biopsy and it came back showing Hepatitis(inflammed liver) Well your liver levels are suppose to be over 40 well mine was in the 700,and to make a long story short,The zanaflex has a severe liver warning for this kind of thing,So PLEASE if anyone is taking it, get checked out. I had already turned jaundice,and was about to die,and its still in the 500's.The drs are still doing blood work and giving me meds to stop this..Take Care,Debbie
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    Sorry to hear about your situation! I had my gallbladder out too a few years ago.

    I am curious about this zanaflex problem. What dosage
    were you on? I have been on it for about 1 1/2 years and take 3 mg nightly. Would like to know your dosage.
    Thanks for the heads up. I always worry about my
    liver because I have so much rib pain - before and after GB removed. Often worry that it is liver and not ribs.
    I will check my records and see if I had liver testing
    since being on the zanaflex. My rheumy doesn't
    like to do testing but my endo did some tests so I
    will check those.

  3. Deb*NC*

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    I was taking 1 1/2 every night which was 6mg. The dr that put me on it has never checked my blood..But my liver dr is doing blood work every 2 weeks now.. I just had a MRI because Im hurting where my gb was,I will get the results next week from that.Please get it checked out,and try to find some info on Zanaflex,it will tell you how bad it is on your liver..Its not worth that to me.From now on when the drs give me new meds, I will check them out first.
    Good Luck to you.
  4. Applyn59

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    Hi again,
    I always check out all drugs before I start them.
    I will see what I have in my files about zanaflex.
    My dr. gave me a drug several years ago that
    was later banned and several people had to
    have liver transplants. I found out how bad it
    was online and never took it again. It was later
    recalled. Do you think the dr's office ever
    contacted me? Of course not! But when
    I had an appointment many months later
    the first thing he asked me was if I was taking
    that drug. I told him no because I heard it
    was really bad for you. I can't believe that
    drs. don't notifiy patients when drugs are
    recalled. I saved my own life. Not sure
    whether that really is a good thing, though.
    Let us know how your tests turn up.

    PS I went to the ER and met my surgeon about
    two weeks after my GB surgery. I had a lot of pain
    in that area. He ran a chest CT scan to make
    sure I didn't have a blood clot. I felt like
    my insides were coming apart!!
    Good luck,
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    at 8mg/night and the doc said nothing about it affecting the liver..Usually, in the past, I have been told if a liver panel needs to be done with a specific drug..Is there information on checking the liver with this drug? Do you, also, think that it caused the gall bladder stones, too?
    I drink large quantities of water to prevent kidney stones.. and thought it might help in that organ, too..
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    I just did a little research. I read one medical report of hepatic injury with daily dose of 36 mg!! My
    info just says to inform your dr if you have liver
    disease because it may effect the dose.
    Search of google newsgroups came up with one person who was told by a pain dr that drs have
    to do a liver panel by law before prescribing.
    I believe that was in FL and may not apply elsewhere.
    My dr told me nothing and his partner who is the
    specialist told me it is a safe drug. Maybe certain
    people are more susceptible. Don't know.
    The medical journal said there was only one case
    of hep. injury, I think it was dated a while ago, though.
    Deb would be another case.