Zanaflex and dreams?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mar19, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Mar19

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    I had been taking Zanaflex at bedtime -- stopping it for now because I've started Neurotonin and the two together really throw me for a loop! Anyhow, back to my real question. Do any of you who take the Zanaflex notice that you have more "vivid" or "bizarre" dreams when you take it? My niece told me about the med, she has lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. She also said it also changes her dreams, but it allows her to sleep. Just wondering if anyone else had the same side effect. I'm telling you, some of the dreams I had while taking the Zanaflex were really really strange!! ;-)
  2. JLH

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    along with Neurotin. (I have FMS, lupus, arthritis, to name a few of my ailments!)

    Yes, I have noticed that I do have some really vivid dreams and so wierd ones, too; however, I do sleep really well most of the time now. I do have a few sleepless nights.

    The Zanaflex is the only thing that I have taken that allows me to wake up without the zonked out feeling all day.
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    I took it for about 9 months, 8mg at bedtime. I had vivid dreams while taking it and I usually remembered them afterwards. But the kicker was that I started having hallucinations and in the beginning they were maybe once every 3 weeks or so, but then they got more extreme and were happening more often, even after cutting the dose in half. I quit taking it several weeks ago, have had no more hallucinations, but am not sleeping either. Seeing my doc in an hour for more prolotherapy so I'm hoping there's something else we can try to help me sleep.

  4. franners

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    I take up to three 2mg tabs at bedtime, if I wake up in a spasm I can take more. Can not remember what dreams are like. I do miss them though.
    Zanaflex are pretty tame, not as hard as valium (so I am told, haven't taken valium).
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    After not sleeping for more than an hour at a time and not more than about 3 hours a night for several months I was put on zanaflex with other meds. My first night that I had dreamed in about 7 months was WILD. The dream was very vivid and somewhat scary. I woke up throughout the night about every hour and a half and even got out of bed several times but, the dream just continued when I'd finally fall back to sleep. It was as if I had to "finish" it before I could get it out of my head. I still take zanaflex and have vivid dreams if I dream but no more nightmares lately. I have even slept up to two hours at a time before waking.