Zanaflex Safety Information

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    Zanaflex Safety Information

    Zanaflex® Capsules (tizanidine hydrochloride) are a short-acting drug approved for the management of spasticity. In April 2005, Zanaflex Capsules became available in 2mg, 4mg and 6mg capsules. Although Zanaflex Capsules have the same active ingredient as Zanaflex® tablets (tizanidine hydrochloride), it is a new formulation of the drug.

    Acorda Therapeutics, the makers of Zanaflex Capsules, would like consumers to be aware that there is an important product difference between Zanaflex Capsules and Zanaflextablets and generic tizanidine tablets.

    Zanaflex Capsules are not interchangeable with tizanidine or Zanaflex tablets. If your physician has prescribed Zanaflex Capsules it is important to know that switching from the capsule to a tablet may increase the risk of certain side effects. Please consult with your prescribing physician before allowing a switch from Zanaflex Capsules to a tablet formulation.

    The most frequent adverse events reported by patients taking Zanaflex Capsules are dry mouth, sedation, asthenia and dizziness, and are most often considered mild to moderate. For full prescribing information please visit

    If you would like more information about this important difference please contact the Acorda Medical Information System at (800) 367-5109.

    (Note: this info was in this month's NFA electronic newsletter.)
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    Thanks for posting that, Jlh. I'm just bumping this... :)

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