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  1. Manwithfibro

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    Please help.
    Can people taking Zanaflex tell me how well it has worked for you? Any negative side effects?

    I am trying to get my doctor to approve it. I think it may be a good drug for us as it blocks substance P, lowers BP (Mine is high from pain) and blocks nerve impulses to brain.
    Also, Zanaflex helps with RLS.

    Please comment!!! I appreciate it.
  2. tulip922s

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    I have good luck with Zanaflex 4mg (2mg did nothing for me) at night for RLS and Fibro. I really don't think it replaces painkillers for those BAD days. As I said I take it at night because it makes me groggy. I think it's worth a try and best of luck to you. Tulip
  3. KayL

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    I've been taking it for almost a year. I started at 4 mg at night. It definitely helped me sleep, however, I was still waking up after 3 hours. My doc doubled my dosage to 8 mg, then added 10 mg Elavil with it. I took that for several months without any *bad* side effects - just extremely vivid dreams - and I slept through the night (which for me was 6 or 7 hours straight) for a few months.

    BUT - I started having hallucinations in the past few months - maybe once every 3-4 weeks. The last one was a real doozy. Hallucinations are a less common side effect of Zanaflex. I talked it over with my doc and instead of going off of it completely, I've dropped the dosage back to 4 mg a night. Not sleeping as well, but no more hallucinations either.

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  4. Manwithfibro

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    Geez, it just seems like nothing and I do mean nothing helps with pain that much. I am taking Oxycontin and it is doing nothing today since I am in flare.
  5. Chelz

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    Hi, My doctor gave me zanaflex a while ago. He gave me a 4 milligram tablet to take, but told me to start with only 1 milligram since I am so sensitive to medications. Unfortunately, only 1 milligram made me feel drunk and I had bad nightmares. As far as the muscle pain goes, it didn't touch it. I decided to continue to take it for a week, but I got the same results. I now take malic acid and magnesium to help with the muscle pains and to help me sleep. I do hope this medication does help you, but we are all so different. Changes in diet, lifestyle, and supplements have helped me the most with my FMS. Hope this helps for you though. Hugs, Chelz.
  6. JannyW

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    When I first started flaring bad enough to get my doctor's attention (a yr & a half ago), she put me on Zanaflex to help me relax & sleep. It really didn't help the RLS, but I slept fairly well. I can't remember any negative side effects offhand.

    Jan ^v^
  7. Applyn59

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    My dr. gave it two me about one and a half years ago.
    I had been awake for over a month with only 2 hours
    of sleep a day. I had extreme pains in my legs and my whole body and was a basket case. He gave
    me 4 mg zanaflex. I took a quarter the first night
    and felt really drunk. It helped me sleep. I have
    now upped it to 3 mg. It saved my life at that time
    because it helped me sleep and also helped my
    legs settle down. It doesn't seem to help me with
    the sleep anymore too much, but I wouldn't
    be without it.