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    Hi. Are you keeping your doors locked? I'm assuming you saw on the news that there are two or 3 guys who the police are trying to catch in your neighborhood.

    I'm not taking Rudy for his midnight run around the neighborhood with those guys still not captured.

    First it was the mountain lion, now it is the car thiefs.

    Oh, and some guys were lighting buildings and cars on fire in the Cedar Park area. I'm afraid to ask "what's next!".
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    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for your concern. The media was camped out about 8 houses away from me all day yesterday. It made the midday, 5, 6, and 10 pm news yesterday. Therefore it would have taken complete morons to come back last night and try the same stunt with all of the media attention. Of course that doesn't mean they won't come back in a few days. The cops think the same thugs were in Pflugerville a few days ago.

    I always keep my doors locked and my alarm on whether I'm home or not. I don't answer my door either unless I'm expecting someone. I don't trust anyone I don't know. It's sad we have to live in this kind of world isn't it?

    I feel sorry for one of my neighbors who just moved here from TN. She and her family have only lived here for a month, and she's experienced this and the bad hail storm. I and several neighbors have told her that both situations are highly unusual (especially the thieves). She's a little shaken up.

    I didn't hear about the mountain lion. What was the deal there?
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    This was a month ago or so---

    Somebody said that they spotted a mountain lion out this way. It was on the news. I was out walking Rudy around midnight when it occurred to me that Rudy could become an appetizer for a mountain lion. I picked him up and buzzed home on my scooter at full speed.

    OK. So I come to your home to surprise you and you aren't going to answer the door!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEESH! I guess we will have to meet at the tropicana place. (or what ever they call it). Ha, ha.

    Did I tell you that I've gained 40 pounds!!!!!! That is caused by the 7 weeks of "no chew" with the jaw injury plus the thyroid stuff. I'm really struggling how I'm going to lose all of this excess weight. It is a good thing that I'm tall or I'd look like a blimp.

    I always keep my doors locked. Even when I'm walking Rudy around the block, I lock my doors and carry my house keys with me.

    Did I tell you that I have C. Difficile again from antibiotics???? So I'm back on flagyl again.

    Rudy says hi. He is sitting in my hubby's chair in the office.
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    Good grief, there have got to be more kooky critters in Texas than just about anywhere else. One has got to wonder where this mountain lion came from and how he just happened to make his way into a lovely suburban neighborhood? It would be quite comical if he weren't such a threat! Goodness.

    Alrighty, if someone knocks on my door, I look and see who it is. And I basically tip-toe so quietly that no one can even hear me. Once in a blue moon a friend of mine surprises me, and I'll open the door, but that's only AFTER looking through the peep hole and seeing that I know who it is. I personally think she should call first, but hey, what's one to do?

    So, I guess you COULD come over, Joy. ;-) ;-) Anytime you want, you are welcome to come over. Just as long as it's not 3am. That's not my best time. My point is that I must be EXPECTING the person before I open zee door. Hey, remember I emailed you to come over when your A/C broke? Seriously young lady, when are we getting together? How about next week some time?

    Sorry about the 40 pound weight gain and the C. Diff. Frustrating I'm sure. I remember gaining about 40 pounds from a stupid med I had to take about 5 years ago. It was good old fashioned diet and exercise that got the lbs off, and it took 8 months. I know you can't exercise; it's not fun.

    Give Rudy a big hug for me!