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    Hey there! I was worried about you when you were gone on the other board after saying you felt really bad! I didn't even think of checking this board - duh. I'm really glad you seem to be feeling better.
    How about this "spring"? I am soooo tired of the cold and the sleet and the hail etc. I know I shouldn't gripe, but I hate cold and wet. It just makes everything more depressing.
    I just had a Dr. Appt today and he agreed to continue my trial period of Doxy for 2 more months, so I'm happy about that since I was all worked up worrying that he wouldn't give me more than a months worth. I'm going to get the Igenix test again on the 29th so wish me luck, although I'm not sure if it's luckier to have a positive diagnosis or to not have to deal with Lyme regardless of how long you have to search for something, ANYthing, that will help!
    If you want my email or phone # I think this board would def. be safer than the main board and if we were on here at about the same time I could just erase it after I knew you had it (or vice versa).

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    Hi Gretchen,
    I would absolutely love to e-mail. I'm not sure but we may have the same doctor, dr. h in redwood ?? I can't remember several people posted they see him.
    Are you on the board right now, it's 6:57 here in Oregon.
    If you are, message back and I'll leave my address.

    Actually, I'd love to e-mail with anyone and everyone here with lyme who wants to as e-mail is so much better for me as I don't have to be on-line and tie up my phone when I type one and I type some, save it, and do some more since I can't sit here very long. And can be more personal than on a board.....Hopefully we don't get in trouble for this

    I am glad you are doing another Igenex -- getting diagnosed made such a big difference -- I mean I definitely feel lyme is a much worse illness than fibro but at least I'm fighting something. I'd tried all (well a lot) of the fibro treatments, either they didn't work or I couldn't take and was sitting there eating pain pills, getting worse, with no hope. At least I have hope now as well.

    Dr. changed my meds for Babesia around a bit during my phone consult last week. I thought since it seemed to go in cycles I had another 28 days to feel worse...not so...I'd gotten sick again (herx?) starting the 27th and had expected to start feeling better friday or Saturday, but actually am much worse instead of better since i started the new stuff thursday.....guess when you change meds it starts right in again. Hopefully it just does another 7 or 8 day thing again then lets up for awhile anyway....
    Take care, and thanks for writing,
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    hey, just checked back and you haven't been on. Will check back here in the morning as I'm done in for the day....
    take care
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    Sorry I wasn't on last night, I got in a fender bender yesterday and the stress laid me out. I thought I kept very calm but it caught up to me later!

    I'll stick my email on here then I'll be checking back until 8:45. If you're not here by then I'll re-post it later when I've heard you're on. I'm excited to 'talk' to you.

    Oh yeah, I forgot - I'm not actually seeing an official LLMD. My primary doctor is just very open minded and was willing to let me try a rx for 3 months or more if I have a positive test or response. I am very unwilling to risk him getting in trouble or losing his licence as he has been a Godsend for me and is a really good guy as well so if I get a positive diagnosis I will go to a LLMD for the Lyme treatment.


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