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    Hey there!
    Since my diagnosis of bp, I have read everything I could get my hands on, including the book you recommended, and one thing puzzles me. IF the symptoms are so similar, do you think there are actually more of us with it? AND do I still have fibro?

    I got the feeling that my p-doc does not believe in FM (will ask her at my next appt). I honestly feel I have had symptoms of FM for years before I actually crashed 4 years ago. She feels the crash was bp. SO how do we know???

    I do not have the abnormal highs for bp, but definitely have abnormally low periods of depression at times, starting within the last 6 months, as close as I can tell. Before that it was what I consider normal depression because of the FM, etc.

    I wish it were closer to my appt., because I really am not convinced totally...one day I am, the next I'm not. Guess that's normal too at this stage of the game.

    Just guess I need a little support right now. thanks a bunch in advance. You always make a person feel better!!

    Friends - Jole
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    Thank you for your sweet message. I hope you are hanging in there. It's VERY normal to feel confused. If you don't see a response from me on the health board, try me at the "chit-chat" board b/c I'm usually there more.

    I'm not sure I understand your first question: "If the symptoms are so similar, do you think more of us have it?" Do you mean the symptoms of fibro and the symptoms of bipolar? Just want to be crystal clear.

    Bipolar as you know is difficult to diagnose and as a result, it is underdiagnosed. (This however doesn't mean YOU have it just b/c it's an underdiagnosed illness.) Adding insult to injury, FM is difficult to diagnose as well, and many of us had the symptoms of it years before getting an official diagnosis. Depression is a part of FM too---this makes the whole situation confusing and frustrating I know.

    It's so much nicer to have a clear-cut diagnosis so that we can proceed and know how to best take care of ourselves. Ambiguity is aggravating!

    Wish I could help more! It sounds like you need to talk to her more about your crash 4 years ago. In fact, I think it's vital. She needs to understand how you feel about it, and you need to understand why she's seeing it in a different way.

    If she doesn't even BELIEVE in FM as a real illness, then she can't help you b/c she's already ruled it out. FM as we know can cause horrific pain and exhaustion. Any PDOC worth his or her salt so to speak KNOWS that there's a large co-morbidity with FM and bipolar. If she doesn't, then she's not the right PDOC.

    Can see your PDOC sooner? And if she doesn't answer all of your questions or help you enough, get a second opinion. You need to feel comfortable with him/her.

    Hope this helps. Hang in there and keep me posted.

    Warm hugs, Erika
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    Thanks for getting back to me! I thought about the chit chat board for you, but I can't get in there from my computer.

    Yes, I did mean similar as in fibro and bipolar symptoms. According to my research, even bipolar causes all-over pain and fatigue, plus concentration and memory problems, etc. etc.

    Right now I'm just having a hard time trying to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior, I guess. What's funny is when I mentioned it to my family, my one daughter totally disagreed with the diagnosis, "No you're NOT", and another one said, "You know, that's something I've been wondering about for you and I both". So.......Of course, I don't see it in either one of us:)

    Will try calling tomorrow and see if I can get in to see the Pdoc sooner. And of course you are right, the crash 4 years ago may be more important than I think. Thanks for being there for me!

    Friends ~ Jole
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    I know it's SO confusing. I almost think that the more I try to differentiate, the harder it is!! It's like which came first--the FM or the bipolar and which one caused which? Bipolar symptoms can make you feel pain and FM can make you feel depressed so what the HECK is going on? I had bipolar for several years before getting dxed with FM. I didn't have pain during that time though, but some do. Also, my sister has a much more severe form of bipolar (very sadly! she's SO smart too--such a shame), HOWEVER, she does not have fibro and she DOES NOT have fibro or any sort of pain issues. Some people of course do and who the heck knows why?

    Just to be sure I'm be crystal clear in regards to your crash 4 years ago, I was thinking it would be good to mention it again to your PDOC b/c it seems that she thinks it's to a big marker in her diagnosing you with bipolar while TO YOU, you are thinking it was due to FM. The two of you see it very differently, so it's important to discuss it further. You should understand EXACTLY where she's coming from on that b/c you don't agree with her---you feel the crash was from your FM---and you could very well be right! Your gut instincts will tell you whether or not her analysis of that is accurate.

    She may be spot on, or she could be incorrect. If she's wrong, she may need more info from you, in which case it will be important to gauge whether or not she's open and willing to take in that info, LISTEN TO YOU, and revise her thinking. (OR, you could BOTH be right!) *That's CRITICALLY important. A PDOC needs to be OPEN-MINDED and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.

    Mental health is subtle (how many times have I said that right?!), and only by listening to YOU, the patient can she truly understand and diagnose. This is a new diagnosis for you obviously, so she needs to take time as well to EXPLAIN where she's coming from so that you are comfortable and understand it. Also, you're most certainly having MANY periods of "normalcy", which is why your kids may "see you" differently and have reached different conclusions.

    And when I say "normalcy" I mean that there are many times where you are feeling fine, functioning well, and not depressed. Add to that folks who are so-called "normal" (which is really just a washing machine setting, right?!) who can often act "abnormal"---angry, irate, anxious, down, depressed---and we often wonder how they DON'T have a mental health condition(!!). So, we are clear as mud!

    You've read the bipolar books as your PDOC told you too, which is great. But now your PDOC needs to TRANSLATE it as it pertains to YOU. Hope this all makes sense. If she can't or won't, then see a new doc. I'm not saying she won't do these things. However, being newly diagnosed is a VERY confusing time. She needs to help you along and help put your fears aside.

    She also needs to explain HOW the crash you had is different than fibro (if she is still convinced that's the case). She's the doc, YES. But you have every right to ask questions and understand EVERYTHING. A good PDOC will understand that YOU want to understand what's going and learn about your symptoms. Hope this makes sense and that I'm not overwhelming you.

    I sense you are a bit unsure about this PDOC that you have. If you see her again and don't feel she's adequately answered your questions and more importantly doesn't see FM as a real illness, I URGE you to seek out another PDOC. It's important to feel comfortable.

    My b-day is Monday, so I will be busy the next few days. However I may have still time to check for your posts. I'll definitely check back with you on Tuesday at the latest. I'm happy to help and hope that you get the resolution you need.

    Friends, Erika

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