Zinc (a healer) could be a missing piece

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    I've had a persistent underarm rash for about 6 months...I've been treating it with 10% otc cortisone and Florasone homeopathic cream....These calm it down and then it comes flaming back....thought it was a heat rash but summer is over and it's still with me.

    I've never had this before in my life....

    So got to thinking maybe zinc oxide ointment would help....mothers have used this forever for baby's bottoms.

    So I bought some and used it last night and today my underarms are looking good, can still see the zinc ointment there but will stick with this...

    I spoke to a friend and she says she uses zinc oxide as an underarm deodorant....I haven't used deodorants for some time but will start this practice....

    Then I started to think about this and did a search on Zinc Deficiency and found so many hits: hair loss, tinnitis, joint pain, loss of smell and lots more....

    People use zinc lozenges when deal with colds, etc....

    So it could be a deficiency that many aren't aware of.....do your research and there are a lot of OLD POSTS in PH's archieves search on zinc. jam

    Don't overdose on zinc....but just like magnesium, many could be deficient.

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    how close I was to going to a doc and most likely given an expensive "DRUG" and here zinc oxide did the job....it's worked for decades on baby's rashes so why not an underarm rash...

    Too bad it took me about 6 months of struggling with this to find the zinc oxide cure, but better late than never....

    Now I know, to keep zinc oxide around for anything that comes up in this area....it's a healing agent. $4.99 for the tube!!!!!!
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    some of us on another health board have been talking about this...one person from canada who deals with auto immune issues claims her holistic GP had her taking 200mg Zinc daily for a while and now down to 100mg per day..

    Her doc claims many with auto immune conditions are low in zinc...My doc did a zinc check on my 2011 labs and my zinc came in at the low end of the range and we didn't discuss it...

    I also had a total mineral panel done in 2005 and zinc came in on LOW end of range....

    So, look into the zinc deficiency issue, it could be you and don't know it.

    I'm sticking with 30mg zinc supplement now. Zinc is a healing mineral.
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    another health friend and she takes 50mg of zinc daily and 2mg copper as zinc can rob our copper sorta kinda...

    I believe minerals are critical....so many could have deficiencies.

    Just like the Vit D and Iodine deficiency issues...
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    What a surprise! Turns out low zinc can cause bad sleeping, white spots on nails are a sign you're lacking (I have those) and give terrible fatigue because it's needed for cells to function properly.

    My husband has been taking 50 mg of zinc....I asked why....he didn't know! HA. And checking in various places 50 mg is very high and can actually cause damage to the body. It's all a "dance" of various supplements, vitamins and minerals working together. I do have an order for mineral drops and PH drops coming.

    I've got an appt. with a new doctor next friday......an integrative one.....and I hope she can do testing for what my body is lacking and point me in the right direction instead of just trying this and that.
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    will do some mineral checks like zinc for one. I will stick with the 30mg dose.....

    Manganese can be low for many and it helps with joint issues. If you can get a whole mineral panel done, it would show a lot on what is adequate in your body and what is deficient...Manganese was very low for me and doing my research found that Manganese was essential for bone health.

    Interesting on your husbands use of Zinc....

    This would NOT have even come to mind if it weren't for the cure of the rash with the zinc oxide, and then I got to think on the zinc issue. jam
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    My doctor had me taking zinc for several years, though I can't remember the dose. I am taking a good mineral supplement now so have dropped the zinc, don't think I need extra now.

    I did read many years ago about white spots on nails and loss of smell as indicating a zinc deficiency.

    Zinc is really important for the immune system too, all sorts of things.