Zinc and Ulcers...need your input

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    I just heard that you shouldn't take zinc if you have stomach or duodenal (upper intestine) ulcers & to see your doctor before taking zinc in doses above the daily value of 15 mg - long term use of zinc over 15 mg/day may irritate stomach causing ulcers and even weaken the immune system of older people.

    I've had ulcers in the past but thought I'd gotten rid of them with antibiotics & still take Prilosec to make sure they and the acid reflex stays away. Few weeks ago I started taking ZMA (the magnesium, 30 mg zinc & B6 supplement sold on this site) before bedtime to help with sleep, which it was starting to help. I was so happy but then my ulcer started kicking up again...I can tell by the pain right below the breast bone that gets worse after eating and in the middle of the night which is only temporarily relieved by Prilosec. I've stopped the ZMA and all foods that irritate it for now but stomach still hurts bad. I stopped taking NSAIDs about a month ago but do take Neurontin, Klonopin and Mirapex which have not bothered my stomach before.

    Can anyone confirm these facts about zinc? Anyone ever experience ZMA or other zinc products causing ulcers? I haven't thrown up yet so don't know if the ulcer is actually bleeding but if anyone has any other tips to help until I can get to the doctor, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks to all
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    I have been looking up the Zinc for you. You are not taking 30 milligrams, you are taking 20 milligrams in the ZMA (if its Pro Health or SNAC Brands, both are the same). Are you taking two capsules? Thats the amount for women, 3 capsules for men. Some of us can take one and it does the same as the two.

    But I did fine in a a book by a Dr. Winter Griffith, that if you have duodenal ulcers, 'only take on advice of your physican'. Plus you are suppose to take the ZMA with a full 8 ounce glass of water.

    So quit taking them untill you see your doctor, and bring the bottle with you so he can see the amounts of all the ingredients in the supplement.

    I had gastric ulcers, lower stomach years ago. They are healed, but they do leave scares, and can be aggrevated by certain meds and foods etc. I also have IBS.

    But so far the ZMA has not bothered me, and I sure hope to God it never does! Its the only thing that has ever in my life helped me to sleep so well all night.

    I hope this helped, and I am so sorry that you have to stop taking them since they were helping you to sleep.

    Shalom, Shirl