ZMA feedback, anyone....???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lunabella, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. lunabella

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    mel just mentioned it, as did shirl (in another post)... just read up on it, but was wondering how many people out there have tried it, and wondering what the results were....???

    ~lunabella, who is on her way to a nice hot bath (with "batherapy" mineral bath powder... don't know how much it really helps, but it sure smells good...! :) )
  2. sapphire

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    Hi Lunabella,
    I did try the ZMA and it didn't work for me. I know it has worked really well for a lot of people though. It would be worth a try.

  3. CelticLadee

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    Hi Lunabella,
    I have been taking ZMA for about a month now. I have found so far that it definitely does help but if I am having a bad night it doesn't keep the pain from waking me up. But when I do wake up I usually go back to sleep fairly soon as ZMA gives me a very slight drugged feeling. I did have one bad night this month where it did not help and I was awake almost all night with a racing brain & aches. My husband who is disease free but is having trouble sleeping just tried it a few nights recently. He also said it gave him that very slight drugged feeling. He wasn't sure he liked that but is going to take it for awhile before he decides. We are both very sensitive people though so it may not affect you this way. I happen to like this very slight drugged feeling as it is a soothing and relaxing one that helps me fall back to sleep faster. I think it is wonderful that something so harmless can help even if it isn't 100% effective it is close to it for me. I plan to continue taking it. I think it would be worthwhile to try it for yourself as it isn't too expensive. I think $17.95 for 90 capsules - women take 2 but men take 3 - thirty min. to an hour before bed. Then if it works for you it would be good to sign up with the discount shopper program and only pay $13.46 through Pro Health. Hope this info. will help you in your decision. Best wishes. CLD
  4. Mikie

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    It may take some getting used to and one may have to start out slowly at first, but it works to help with sleep and muscle repair. I cannot take it because it does block the Guaifenesin (which I found out by taking it), but it worked soooooo well for sleep and enhanced the effects of the Klonopin.

    Love, Mikie