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    I know many here swear by the ZMA and Pro-energy products sold here & I am about to take the plunge! A question, though.......WOW, that's a lot of Vitamin B-6 between the 2 products!! I'm not nearly as well-versed as other folks here on the benefits of these vitamins, so I'd appreciate any guidance here. I take a B complex now; should I stop that, and try to individually take the other B-vitamins missing in the ZMA/Pro-energy? Can you get TOO much B-6?

    I'm looking forward to seeing if I can increase my energy levels & also get more restful sleep as well....

    The good news: I was having trouble stomaching the probiotics (thanks all who answered my earlier post with suggestions)----now I'm up to two a day (my doc's recommending 3-4)! So I'm on my way there....

    Thanks in advance for any advice on the ZMA/Pro-energy, I know we have a wealth of experienced folks here!!

  2. pam_d

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    I started the ZMA and pro energy this week, I already
    feel better and am waking up feeling like slept better! Even noticed a differance the very next day...Hope this lasts and is not just a fluke!

    If it does last, wow, I think everyone should be taking it!
    Great stuff. I will be trying the coral calcium next.

    As far as the B vits go, there are many health finatics that take way more than whats in the ZMA & pro Energy...even with you taking a supplement. We are SOoooo depleted on B vits as we continue to use and deplete daily as our bodies are so stressed and over-react.

    I'm all for it.
    Good luck!
    Susan B.
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    I am getting ready to place an order--glad to hear you think it's making a real difference. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this lasts for you (and that I have similar success)!

    Thanks for the response,