ZMA? verses my regular supplement

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    I have been reading the message boards and have gained so much valuable info. I want to order ZMA but take GNC's menopause multi pack (Im only 37 but figure it couldnt hurt at this point with fibro) It has 2mg of B6, Mag 125mg, and Zinc 15mg. I take the pack in the AM and would like to try ZMA in PM. I would like to get myself into a more active lifestyle and think the ZMA would help this greatly from what Ive read. GNC lists it as Magnesium and Zinc OXIDE instead of Pro Healths ZMA Magnesium and Zinc ASPERTATE. Is there a difference between OXIDE AND ASPERTATE? Is it safe for me to to take both supplements? Thanks so much MUCH LOVE
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    Look at all your daily supps., including your multi-vit. if you take one, and make sure the total zinc is not more than 30 mgs. daily. More is OK short term, but not long-term. There should not be any problem with the other things in it, unless you have kidney disease, in which case you should not take any magnesium without talking to your doctor.
    I started having menopausal symptoms at age 37, and I believe it was due to fibro. I was through it at age 44. Those perimenopausal yrs. were he** and many of the symptoms I attributed to FMS during that time were really menopause,and went away once I was done with it, thank goodness.
    Happy Easter,
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    to the board, Klutzo answered your questions, just stopped to welcome you and to tell you that I am a ZMA success story!

    I take the SNAC Brand from here at Pro Health, it is wonderful for sleep, and the pain.
    It does take about 10 days for you to really see the improvement from it, also women take two capsules at night and men take three.

    I have been sleeping 7-8 hours deeply at night, as opposed to waking up 10 to 20 times .

    All brands of ZMA are not the same, so be sure you either get the SNAC original brand, which is what is sold here. Pro Health sells it now for us. Before I had a hard time finding the brand at health food stores.

    Good luck, and again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl