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    On another thread, you posted....

    "I am sorry to hear you feel so ill. Have you ever tried t3/t4. I was reading on the Stop the Thyroid Madness site that 50% of people who are depressed have undiagnosed thyroid conditions. Here is a quote from Dr. DeMeirleir about t3. I think it suggests that anyone with cfs should expect they may have a t3 deficiency.

    'Peripheral Resistance to Thyroid Hormone: Most patients have normal results for common thyroid tests. However, ME/CFS patients have a much higher level of a protein that is 98% identical to T3, which is the active form of thyroid. Because this foreign protein can bind to T3 receptors, T3 cannot find receptors and is therefore ineffective in its role of activating cellular metabolism.'"

    Was this quote also on stopthethyroidmadness? Does it say how to deal with this, bc it sounds like if this is a problem, then simply taking t3 won't help?

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    I saw earlier that you had responded, but I didn't have time to write back then....now I don't see your response, but I do rememebr a bit of it.....

    the reason that i was wondering if taking T3 would be ineffective, based on this, is that it sounds like the foreign protein is getting in the way....if there are 100 receptors (just a random number - I have no idea how many really are there) and 87 of them are filled by this protein, then it wouldn't matter if there were 50 T3 or 500 of them (again totally random numbers), only 13 of them would be able to fill the receptors that aren't already filled by the protein - the rest would just be floating around useless (if filling the receptors is what enables them to do their job)

    does this make sense? and if so, that's why I am wondering what the solution is (since taking more T3 will not create more T3 receptors)