zoloft 200mg trazadone at night 100 mg adding 30 cymbalta??

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    I know this may be off the subject but if any of us know anything about drugs. We do, as most of you know my son suffers from severe social anxiety. To the point he was suicidal, the physc has gotten him up to 200mg of zoloft. He is taking 100 mg trazadone for sleep and he is doing good as far as depression and going in stores, out to eat life is better. He is starting to school we hope in August he is still not able to carry on conversations as you and i do. The social fear and anxiety takes over.

    My concern he just got script for cymbalta 30 mg this morning has not taken it yet. What about serotonin syndrome??? This kind of scares me he says he is anxous to take it but does not expect it to work.
    She told him if he had flu like symptoms and his pupils were dialated not to continue???
    Right now he has a sinus infection, I told him not to start until he feels better.
    I am really freaking out! did not say anything to him, I did tell him all about people getting cymbalta and how horrible it was for them.

    Does anyone have an opinion or guidance here??
    I would greatly appreciate it