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    Hello. Has anyone tried zoloft? My dr. callled me in a prescription for it after I've tried Lexapro, and then Celexa, both made me feel like I could bite someone's head off in a second. My sister told me she heard that zoloft can do the same thing. I haven't even picked the med up yet, sorta scared to take it.


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    I have tried most all antidepressants with no luck. I did try a very small dose of zoloft and of all the AD's I have tried if I was going to take one it would be zoloft. But after the first pill all I could do was yawn and feel sorta like a zombie, then the tenth day I had something like the shakes or tremors so that was it for me.

    I would love to find a medicine that would help me feel better but the only thing I seem to be able to tolerate is xanax. It does take the edge off, sometimes.

    Good Luck,
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    I have found zoloft helpful but i started on very low dose, i would cut the pills into 1/4 and increase it by 1/4 as i felt ready for it. This is how i avoided side effects. Also i have just started wellbutrin and finding it good, works differently to ssri's.
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    I was prescribed Zoloft many years back , early 90's and that's many years back.
    If i remember right i was taking Zoloft for 1 year and then stopped that and tried another.
    This just may be one of the medications you need to find if it's right for you or not.

    Hope your doing good Lynn, may you/we find better days ahead.
    Take Care my friend
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    My dr. will not prescribe xanax, that is the onething I know that keeps that "feeling" at bay. why I know is cuz, I will take 1/2 of my DH, and I like the way it works. Doctors say NO. I no my darn body. Anyway, thanks for responding, I'm gonna give zolfot a try.

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