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    Caffeine must be avoided on this diet. Insulin effects are
    greatly enhanced by caffeine, because it blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase.
    I use whey protein or egg white powder to help keep a good balance in my diet. I
    add the unflavored whey to some foods. It makes a great thickener in some recipes;
    for example, in vegetable puree soups with a chicken broth base. I make a
    "milk shake" using vanilla protein powder, frozen wild blueberries, and 2% milk. A
    little vanilla-flavored powder in applesauce can balance a meal that otherwise
    would be too low in protein.
    It helps me to check the Zone recipe book (see the Reading List). After I look at
    those recipes, it is easier for me to judge how much protein and carbohydrate to
    use. There is usually enough fat in with the protein and carbohydrate. I have
    been told that a serving of vegetables is about the size of a hockey puck, and a
    serving of protein is about the size of a bar of soap, but this depends on the food
    chosen. It is important to know the glycemic index of your food as well.
    The glycemic index measures how fast a food raises your blood sugar levels and
    how quickly your body responds to it. High glycemic index foods raise blood sugar
    quickly. The glycemic index of the food depends on the type of sugar in the carbohydrate,
    the amount of fiber in the food, the amount of protein and fat in the food,
    and the method of cooking or processing of the food (Daoust and Daoust, 1996).
    Generally, the more fiber, protein, or fat in a food, the lower its glycemic index.
    Highly processed foods, or foods high in refined sugars or flours, are typically highglycemic.
    Dr. Sears, the author of the Zone books, found that the best ratio for food balancing
    is 3 grams of protein to 4 grams of carbohydrate. Protein should comprise 30
    Reactive Hypoglycemia (RHG), Insulin Resistance: FMS & CMP Perpetuating Factor
    by Devin J. Starlanyl © 2001 Page 3
    percent of the diet, fats 30 percent, and carbohydrates 40 percent. Each time you
    eat either a meal or a snack, your food intake should match the 30/30/40 ratio
    because there is a need for a balanced hormonal response every time you eat.
    You need to adjust caloric intake to meet the needs of your metabolism and exercise.
    Your food cravings will become less intense once you are eating the proper
    balance and amounts of food. Here are four things you can do that can help
    modify your carbohydrate cravings:
    1. Eat moderate amounts of fat. Fat will decrease the flow of carbohydrates into
    the bloodstream, and decrease carbo craving.
    2. Cut down on the amount of carbohydrates.
    3. Eat protein as part of every meal and snack. It helps use up the fat stored in
    your body.
    4. Exercise regularly, to decrease the amount of insulin in your blood.
    One study found that short-term exercise is even more effective than diet in enhancing
    insulin action in individuals with abnormal glucose tolerance (Arciero,
    Vukovich, Holloszy et al. 1999), so don’t neglect this important avenue for insulin
    control. The balancing benefits of exercise could be wiped out if you drink a highcarbohydrate
    sports "energy" beverage to "recover" afterwards.
    There is a difference between wanting food and being hungry. That sentence
    would be a good topic for a meditation. Explore that difference. People often
    overeat to relieve stress. Eat when you are hungry, and eat just enough to stop
    the hunger. If you have a problem with traditional breakfast foods, try eating a
    balanced, nutritional nontraditional breakfast of things you like.
    You may find that taking a walk before or after a meal aids your digestion and
    reduces stress.
    Learn to eat like a gourmet. Eat slowly, chew thoughtfully, and enjoy each bite.
    Eat less, but eat mindfully, and you will be satisfied.