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    My Psychiatrist seems to be more help to me with my FMS and Toxic Mold exposure than anyone in my small little Texas town. His minor is in Neurology and he recentley attended a conference on the use of Zonegran for pain reduction / relief in Fibromyalgia. He started me on it and though the pain was not my worst complaint, fibro fog is, I nevertheless suffer from much pain also. I have been on a low dose of Zonegran for over two months now and have only taken pain meds (Rx) three times since I started new med. I was to increase my dose of the med to two caps each a.m. after two weeks but found this made my heart race and many meds do this with me....probably due to mitral valve pro. I am very pleased, but as we all know nothing works for everyone. It is an anti-seizure med but I believe it helps block the pain receptors in the brain.
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    I'm glad that I read your post. I also had a Toxic Mold exposure and that is why I have fibro. Maybe I have missed it but your post is the only one so far that I have noticed the toxic mold link. I also have been struggling with pain and will look up information on this drug Zonegran that you talk about. I would be interested in knowing more about your experience with the mold and how long you have been ill and what steps you have taken to get well. I will be glad to share my information also if you are interested.
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    Zonegran is one of my many meds. I take it as a mood stablizer with prozac. I haven't found any pain relief in it, though it has helped a lot with my bipolar.

    I glad it's working for your pain! The less pain pills we have to take the better.

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    I would like to know how anyone can get a confirmed diagnosis of toxic mold. I believe that I, too was exposed and had numerous respiratory infections due to mold in our office building. Any info on specifics appreciated.
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    I was lucky enough to go to a specialist (toxicologist) that specializes in toxic mold exposure. I live in California. His name is Gary Ordog. He is located in Valencia, CA. I don't know where you live but if you got in touch with his office he may be able to refer you to someone in your area. Or if you look up toxic mold on the net you may find some doctors that specialize in this. There are special blood tests that they run which show antibodies to certain molds. Everyone will have antibodies, but I guess if they are very elevated or if you test positive for certain types of mold (black mold - stachybotrys) they can tell what is going on regarding toxicity. I am no doctor, so I am just giving the information from what I am going thru. Many docs won't know or believe in this so it will be important to see the right doctor. Hope this info helps and that you get checked out. It is real. It has messed up my whole life. I am in the middle of a lawsuit against the building owners.
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    I am guessing a toxicoligist is the type of Dr. I have been told recently of a good one in the area. As far as your building had problems 2 years ago. I threw fits because the gutters were improper leading to rain coming in drenching the conference room carpet. Also the walls were staying wet. When I finally pulled the wallpaper part, black mold all over. I made them cut out the wall and replace the carpet throughout the building but it took an act of congress to get them to do so. Now the building is leaking on top (flat roof) I guess I definately need to get tested. I know this is out of pocket. Insurance sure won't pay and a lawsuit for something that they have fixed seems like a futal thing. How are you coming?
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    I'm glad your antiseizure med is helping you. Yes, it appears that antiseizure meds may indeed interrupt the pain signals in the brain.

    Since mold is a neurotoxin, I would assume it could cause misfiring or overfiring of the neurons. An antiseizure med may help with this and thus help you with your reaction to the mold.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am glad that you are being referred to a toxicologist. A great start. Mikie is right about the neurotoxins. I am understanding you right that you are still in that building. I know it sounds harsh, but you MUST GET OUT OF THAT BUILDING if you are still there. That is the first step in getting well. I am not suing for any material losses but the loss of my health which is of much more importance. So, a lawsuit is important if someone has stolen your health. But I will say it is a lot of work and depressing and so far (after 2 and one-half years) there has been no resolution. But, to each his own. If you are still in the building and there are still problems I would definately be so enraged that I would seek out a lawyer, especially if you need expenses to move, etc. But, if you are out of the building or the problem is resolved and you waited 2 years then it is too late. But it sounds like there is still leaking - so you still have a big problem with it affecting your health. If I would have known what I know today about all of this I would have left the building I was working in the first day I started. I worked there for 4 years and didn't know what was the matter with me when I started to get sick, then sicker and sicker. I have been out of that building for 2 and one-half years. Lost my job. The toxicologist put me on a bunch of vitamins and things that detoxify you. Also put me an antifungal medication. Also put me on a very strong antibiotic. After about a month or so the lymph nodes in my neck, behind my ears finally went down and stopped hurting and my ears stopped hurting. I was bedridden for a month or more then over these past 2 years I have gradually been rebuilding my strength. I am much better than when I first left the building except for the chronic fatigue (but better than at first) and the fibromyalgia. I don't know if those 2 things will ever go away or not. My blood pressure also got very high which is another toxic exposure thing and now I finally off the high blood pressure medicine and my blood pressure is normal. Also, at first had an abnormal PET scan of the brain. Now it is normal. Hope this information helps you. do some research on toxic molds.
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    You may e-mail me at I can give you all the dope on the "Toxic Molds" as I do believe that is what at least woke up my fibro. I see an M.D. in Houston (Spring, Tx.)(& many others) at the Center for Environmental, Toxic and Immune Disorders (?). His name is Dr. Andrew Campbell, I know many others who see him, I am involved in a group suit which of course I can't discuss. Our office had Stachybotrys, Aspergillis, Penicillium, Candida, and the list goes on. I seem to have been affected the most, but my job was one where I stayed in the building 40hrs / wk. where as some employees went in and out to see clients off and on. There are only a few M.D.'s in the U.S. that deal with the illness caused by these exposures, aside from the one mentioned in California and mine, there is one in New York, Dr. Yohanning Eckhardt (sp.?), there is information about these Doctors on the net. I have been ill for about three years.