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    It is interesing that nobody ever brings up zyflamend. I believe fibromyalgia is an inflammation of the body, and after years of horrid suffering, I am now just about pain free.The only change I made in the past months is adding zyflamend to an excellent regimen of good diet and some supplements. It not only has worked on the trigger points but has also eliminated excructiating pain in my somach tissues. The local health food store sells it to many people who all say it works better than anything else they have used. Read up about it. After years of study, I am convinced that our diets, environments and lifestyles inflame our bodies with toxins. Keep away from the prescription drugs and the doctors whose knowledge of nutrition and alternatives that work is dismal. I am a professor of literacy so I love to read everything available and that is just what I do.
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    I've used Zyflamend twice, actually still have some now. I only used it when addressing Tendonitis, and not for ongoing inflammation, will give it a try. Didn't do much, if anything for the acute Tendonitis, but it was really severe, writhing and crying in pain.
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    I tried this a while ago and had to stop because it caused stomach problems. Just like so many things with us,what helps one does not necessarily help another.
    I'm really glad you have found some help though.

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    I was under the impression that FMS is not considered to be an inflammatory illness, so I'm not sure why Zyflamend would help with this.
    I've tried everything that I have read and researched, and still nothing helps the pain except pain medications from my doctor.
    I would imagine it might help those with arthritis, bursitis and those types of problems for the inflammation, but would like to hear from people out there who have tried it for the pain of FMS and ask if this has helped.