Zyprexa for cognitive dysfunction

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    My Dr. prescribed Zyprexa for my cognitive dysfunction. It has been like a miracle drug for me. I started at 10mg, then went down to 5 mg. I'm sure that the dosage will be different for others depending on their sensitivity to medications. It may cause you to sleep alot in the beginning. I didn't realize how bad my cognitive function was until I took this medicine. It makes me feel so alert and sharp, I'm not sure I've ever felt this alert. I have always tired easily and needed more sleep than others. If you are having problems with fatigue and so forth I would highly recommend trying this medication. The only problem I have had with it is a little bit of insomnia. It just makes it a little harder to fall asleep at night. Zyprexa is not indicated by the FDA for this usage but of course Dr.s' can use it for other things. Don't be put off by what it is indicated for which is schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Good luck and best wishes to all my fellow fibromites. Linda
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    I would check out recalls on that med. I believe, I could be wrong, but I think I heard the news say that there have been problems with this med. Just check it out to be safe. Sis
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    He heard that this was being used for FMS and so we decided to give it a try (his words were - "longshot" .... hahaha). It's been a long time and I don't remember the dosage, just that it was considered extremely low compared to the on-label use. Unfortunately, this drug made me feel psychotic. I had a lot of the adverse affects, and I am not very chemically sensitive compared to many people.

    Now, I don't want to discredit your success, cause I think it's wonderful that you are feeling better and continue to do so ... and others might benefit from it as well! I hope that others will write in with positive experiences.

    I would just use this powerful drug with caution and under careful supervision. I have read of a link of Zyprexa with diabetes and hyperglycemia, so those that already have these conditions need to be aware of this problem. There is a really long list of side effects (Yeah, I know ...this is true of many/most drugs). I guess my experience freaked me out enough to post some of this info ... cause it was a really unpleasant experience for me.

    Zyprexa may be used with caution for people with the following conditions:

    elderly – a reduced dosage may be needed
    liver or kidney disease – a reduced dosage may be needed
    a history of breast cancer - certain types of breast cancer may be worsened
    recent myocardial infarction or history of heart disease
    Alzheimer's disease—Risk of pneumonia and convulsions (seizures) may be increased
    dehydration—Zyprexa increases the risk of heat stroke because it affects the body's ability to cool itself
    enlarged prostate
    narrow angle glaucoma
    paralytic ileus (severe intestinal problem)
    poor circulation to the brain
    trouble swallowing
    intestinal blockage

    Adverse Reactions
    Zyprexa may cause the following reactions:

    agitation / hostility
    skin rash
    depression or other emotional changes
    fast heart rate
    vision problems
    excessive salivation
    difficulty speaking or swallowing
    stiffness or spasms of the arms or legs
    shaking of the hands or feet (tremors)
    weight gain
    abnormal movements
    neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS)
    tardative dyskinesia (TD)
    orthostatic hypotension (low heart rate upon standing)

    Interactions with Drugs and Other Substances
    Drugs or substances that may interact with Zyprexa are:

    alcohol or medicines that can cause drowsiness or central nervous system (CNS) effects such as antihistamines or medicine for hay fever, other allergies, or colds; sedatives, tranquilizers, or sleeping medicine; prescription pain medicine or narcotics; barbiturates; medicine for seizures; muscle relaxants; or anesthetics (including some dental anesthetics) – these medications can increase Zyprexa’s side effects such as drowsiness
    high blood pressure (antihypertensive) medicines – Zyprexa can increase the effects of these drugs
    levodopa and dopamine agonists – Zyprexa can reduce the effects of these drugs
    tobacco smoking or carbamazepine – may increase the rate of elimination of Zyprexa, a higher dose may be needed
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    Linda, I too have just been prescribed zyprexa for fibromyalgia. Could you tell me how long it took before you realized some benefits. It concerns me that the other post was quite negative. I would like to hear what he meant by "feeling pschotic" and how it took for those symptons to appear. I, too, was/am reluctant to take this. I am also on Lexapro, and my dr wants me to start with 2.5 mg in combination with the lexapro. Laproch
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