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    Any1 else hear of Zyram the nacolepsy drug helping FB?..The 1st. I heard was on this sites "NEW'S" section...Let me know..Another door opening 4 us?..Would b great 2 just take 1 med. instead of 1 4 pain & 1 4 sleep...Let us keep our fingers crossed...Bless u all...La
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    A year ago my Pulmonologist mentioned it and wanted me to go for the sleep study. As usual, I mentioned it to another Dr. who just ignored it. Turns out it eases the pain and makes U sleep U R right. FINALLy, had the sleep study Tuesday . I will get the results in 2 weeks. I believe my Pulmon. wants me on that and of of the klonepin. The fibro Dr. said.... she wouldn't go there. However, after the artilcle we'll see what she says. Let's follow this one.
    Others on the boards have tried it. Some scary side effects however, we are all different. I will wait for the results on the sleep study and we will figure out what to do. A miracle drug would be wonderful
    Hope U had a wonderful Thanks- give- in dear
  3. lalasland

    lalasland New Member

    Be sure & post the results of your tests ok?..Am very interested in what comes of that..& u...Good luck...Thanks 4 relpy...La

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