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    Antibiotic Bactrim helping my fibromyalgia...possible misdiagnosis???

    Hi Robotcat, One suspected infective agent in Fibromyalgia patients suspected of causing tissue pain is infection of muscle fibers with the Coxsackie Virus. This virus has been found in a high percentage of Fibrmyalgia pateints, please search this online for more information. Google...
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    Very Nice Anti-Epstein Barr Virus Protocol

    Hi, Wanted to share this valuable Natural Protocol of curing Chronic Eppstein Barr Virus naturally: My contribution on this Curezone Thread is the last comment: ______________________________________________________________________ "Read...
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    Streptococcal Syndrome / Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Warning: Please note that the above minerals should be taken only in their organic state otherwise when in their mineral chemical form, they are looked upon by the body as pollutants, not as critical minerals to be used for physiological functions. Therfeore, mineral Copper is damaging to your...
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    Streptococcal Syndrome / Polymyalgia Rheumatica Mechanisms of antibacterial action of copper[edit] In 1973, researchers at Battelle Columbus Laboratories[4] conducted a comprehensive literature, technology and patent search that traced the history of understanding the...
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    Streptococcal Syndrome / Polymyalgia Rheumatica

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    Streptococcal Syndrome / Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Hello Radio, I am responding to your first message. Wth regard to those that have repeated and long term bacterial infections as you stated such as Myocarditis [ Heart Tissue Infection] and Menigitis there is an important factor i discovered; and that is that the immune deficiency is not the...
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    Need advice, please - suffering

    Sounds like you have a strong Histamine reaction, its similar to developing a strong allergic reaction. Study your body, do you notice a strange puffiness or swelling? It looks a lot like water retention but its more dangerous. Anyway here is the quickest solution that solves the probelm in...
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    Did your mother take DES to keep from miscarrying you?

    Hi Petsrme, Excellent reporting. Thank you for sharing with the healthboard this very critical data on DES impact on women and children. All women on this board need to investigate this to measure its impact on their health and childrens health. For all such women and children exposed to...
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    Anyone Try Using Ultimate Zapper?

    I followed most of the Beck Protocol for two months and found much better results than using Zappers whose voltage and current was too weak to wipe out my viruses. If the Ultimate Zapper has enough firepower than i beieve it can work but the secret is having enough elctrical power to kill viruses.
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    Big Antiviral Trial Could Usher in New Treatment Era for Fibromyalgia

    Like VanElzakker, Pridgen believes the body is over-reacting to the virus. “It’s basically exaggerating its reaction to the virus. Any little stress reactivates the virus, and, rather than the body saying, ‘Oh, this is just a virus I’ve been living with this since I was five,’ the body keeps...
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    What are the hard lumps in my muscles?

    Hello to all, The lumps you feel are due to a lack of Vitamin E in your muscles. Vitamin E is a muscle fiber lubricant. Where to buy it: The best source I have found is a water soluble version sold by Merck that has a nutty flavor. Whatever you do only purchase water soluble versions of...
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    Nutriceuticals in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease, by Dietrich Klinghardt PhD/MD

    Found this well written article by Dr. Klinghardt: The Use of Pharmax Nutriceuticals in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease; A Few Words on Chronic Lyme Disease
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    I'M BA-ACK!

    Hello Mikie, Well, why didn't you ask someone for advice on your UTI..........:(. I became famous for getting rid of women's chronic UTI infections way back in 2003 and many women benefitted from the natural program. One of them was a senior female doctor at a teaching hospital who was...
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    Flu shot

    Hello, Flu shots are great, unless the Pharmaceutical manufacturer of the Flu vaccine has a Mycoplasma Bacteria contamination problem of his cell cultures where the weakened viruses are taken from. If so, you are in trouble because these Mycoplasma strains are extremely powerfull strains that...
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    How Many Of Us...

    Hello Darrae, About the Hydrogen Peroxide…I think the hesitation you are having is 100% correct and your natural sense of danger is excellent. This compound should never be taken internally as it is an extremely Oxidizing chemical that will damage health in the long term on the cellular level...