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    I am new

    It is nice to meet you granni i am autumn thank you for the info must be nice to have snow up there and your comments did make me warm safe and happy are you warm safe and happy that is the question i have to go now i will be on always...
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    I am new

    Hi i am autumn i am new to this site can iny body give me a little more info on this site and is there inybody out there who needs a friend i am there what to now more about me just ask i have to go hope you read this bye - Autumn
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    Weight watchers

    Hi i am autumn dont worry i dont like fish i am also trying to lose weight have you ever heard of wii fit i do it evey day it is a great way to have fun while losing weight i think if you put your mind to it you can lose that 50 lbs Nice meeting you bye Godbless