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    Extreme weakness when tired

    The dr says I have low blood pressure but my bloodwork came back fine. Would anyone have any clues as to what I can do or research? I tried having orange juice first thing before I get up to see if it is a blood sugar thing but it makes no difference. first thing in the morning or at night...
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    CPP disability questions/ can't find answers on the government site

    Can you work at all if you get CPP disability? Maybe 10 hrs a week or so, just something to give you something to think about rather than focusing on your pain? Do the benefits get lowered if you are married and amounts depend on your spouses income?
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    CPP Disability asking for income taxes?

    I have applied for disability and they wrote me back asking for my 2011 income taxes and information on my income for this year so far. I had told them that I have had to keep working and endure the pain that has me in tears because I need the money. I am self employed. Why are they...