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    How many women here with endometriosis?

    I've been doing some research because I just had surgery last Friday and was told I had bunches of endometriosis and may be looking at a hysterectomy. I read that some think it is caused by an auto-immune disorder and that kind of fits with us. Just curious how many others were suffering...
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    LADIES ONLY! Sensitive subject!

    I go on antibiotics I get a yeast infection. I always have the doc give me Diflucan (Fluconazole) and I also buy some external cream for the outside itchies. The Diflucan is only one pill and it usually takes care of it pretty quickly. I've tried the Monistat before too and after about three...
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    Lower stomach pain doc blamed in Fibro is endomitriosis

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about a terrible experience with a doctor and nurse practitioner blaming my lower right quadrant stomach pain on Fibromyalgia and telling me my pain wasn't impressive. Well, my ob/gyn did a D&C and a scope yesterday and found tons of endomitriosis and said I'll...
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    Well, it finally happened. Knew it was only a matter of time.

    I've been told since I was a small child that I had a very HIGH pain tolerance. For example, my doc told my Mom that if she complains of a sore throat, it's probably really bad by then. Honestly, I think I could look at you and smile and talk while you amputated my toe. It's a catch 22 I...
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    Anyone take Ultram/Tramadol?

    Just wanted to know what this was supposed to do for me. So far, it just seems to make me a little tired.
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    Going to strangle doc with his own stethoscope

    I was alone with the Nurse Practitioner they assigned me in the hospital - why didn't I choke her when I had the chance? I didn't even think of that - I just told her to leave. I'll write that on my list for next time it happens.
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    Does Tramadol cause withdrawal symptoms?

    the hospitalist gave me a prescription to take at home. They say it is not a narcotic. I take this in addition to my norco and I only have a one month supply - didn't say anything about weaning off, etc.
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    Why Low Body Temperature?

    I've always had a normal temp. I noticed while I was in the hospital this weekend that it was always 96 or 97. The aid just said that as we get older our temperature sometimes gets lower. I'm 45 - by the time I'm 80 I should be somewhere in the 60s, right?
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    Anyone ever thought of starting a consulting service for hospitals?

    After my terrible hospital experience (other post) and talk with a hospital administrator, I thought of volunteering to talk to the doctors when they have their meeting about chronic pain. I'd do it for free. Who wouldn't love to have this chance. I'd show up with a nice suit and good hair...
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    Well, it finally happened. Knew it was only a matter of time.

    I was admitted to the hospital through the ER on Saturday to a surgical floor because the doctor there thought I may have a problem with my appendix. Sunday, the nurse practitioner told me that my pain was not impressive. Huh? Monday, I asked her what she meant. I wasn't doubled over in pain...
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    Gastric Bypass vs. lapband

    I was all set to have lapband surgery and I went in for an EGD today. I asked my gastroenterologist his opinion on lap band. He was against it. He would rather see his patients have gastric bypass. I was shocked. I thought he would pick lap band but he said it was putting a foreign body...
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    Fevers, dizzy - these are new symptoms and I need help

    I've been dizzy for a couple of months. After MRIs and a few blood tests and a visit to the ENT, my regular doc has signed me up for vestibular therapy. I had a delay due to bunion and knee surgery. I also have fevers which they all just kind of tell me and ignore. They run from barely...
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    Is there a way to make the message type appear larger?

    There are times when the little type on this new board hurts my head. Anyone know a way to make it appear larger besides changing my entire screen resolution - I don't have trouble with other sites?
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    Anyone have Vestibular Therapy?

    I'd like to hear if it helped and what you thought. I'm scheduled to start on Tuesday. I've gone through CT scans, MRIs, etc. and they find no reason for my dizziness. My doc tells me this is the next step. I'm praying it works. I've been dizzy for a month.
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    I have been really dizzy for two weeks. Anyone ideas?

    Doctor checked out my ears thoroughly and says they are okay. He did a CT and it was fine. Now, he ordered an MRI. I had to call all over to find someone to do it. Luckily, Barnes is not so far away and they are in the 21st century. The reason no one around here would do it is because I...