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    Energy Please

    Anybody got ideas on getting energy? Sooo sluggish.
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    Irritable Bowel Syndrome ---Help!

    Does anyone suffer from IBS as well as the Fibro, Chronic Fatique, and all the other fun issues that come in a package tightly wrapped up. I take probiotics. I lost about 60lbs. last year not even trying. I am a very healthy eater. I don't smoke or drink. I am lactose intolerant so I stay...
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    Need a doctor in Tennessee

    I am from Memphis as well. I saw Jane Allisandrtos who is suppose to be the best in Memphis. She was awful. She told me to take an apirin and go to work like everyone else does. I see a pain Dr. - Daniel Brookoff. He is wonderful. I would not be alive if it was not for him. He is the...
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    UGH Rhuemies.... and we go to them why?

    My Rhuemotologist told me to take an aspirin and go to work like everyone else does - and the sad part is she is considered one of the best in Memphis, TN. I would have already been dead if it were not for my pain medicine doctor. Lynn
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    Klonopin dosage question- I feel like a dunce

    I take 4mg each night and if I am having a really painful day, I take 2mg during the day. Lynn
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    Duragesic patches

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    Duragesic patches

    For those of you that use the Duragesic patches - where to stick your patches. I mainly use them on my chest but can you put them on your back? I am clueless here. cowlady
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    Can anyone recommend an antidepresent that will give me energy instead of making me sleepy?
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    Fibro & Myofascial

    Does anyone know the difference between the two diseases - besides them both being awful.
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    Anyone on Lexapro

    My dr. switched me to Lexapro from Effexor. I feel more tired than before. Any tried Lexapro?
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    Platelets, phosphorus, and Lumph too high

    Hey guys, Got some blood work back and wondered if anyone could shed light on some of this information. Phosphorus, Platelets, and Lymphs are high. My Triglycerides were 481 and I am only 34 yet 50lbs overweight.
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    Endocronologist in Memphis?

    I have an appointment on Jan 8th at 2:00. I will let you know what I find out. The first Dr's office I spoke w/ this morning told me they don't treat Fibro people - b/c the drs don't want to "mess" with it. I slammed the phone down. I felt like calling back and telling them I really don't...
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    Wonderful Pain Dr in Memphis

    Hi, I hate that your insurance is not accepted by Dr. Brookoff. Sometimes I wonder why we have insurance. Another very well known pain clinic was Mays and Schnapps. I saw Dr. Schnapps and was very unhappy. He told me my life was basically over with Fibro - at the age of 34. Then lied to...