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    Does anyone have experience with dissolving their school loans through bankruptcy?

    Hi All! It's been a while. Has anyone had experience with dissolving their school loans through bankruptcy under the disability clause? One requirement is that you have to have a letter from SSDI stating that your next review won't be for another 5 to 7 years. Another option is to have your...
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    Will making under 700 a month trigger one of those "review type" audits?

    Hi Rosemarie, that's good to know. I think you mean to say ssdi , not ssd. Your post was the first time that I heard you can work 10 hours a week. I had not known and just assumed it was less than 720 before it counts as part of that 9 month trial period which I want to save and wait on that...
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    Will making under 700 a month trigger one of those "review type" audits?

    Hi, I have been sick since 2006 and have never received one of those forms where they ask if you are in school , how you are doing etc. I just started part time school this year. I was told that school would not count against me. However, I am thinking of making 700 or less a month in...
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    Olive leaf extract, shoud i take probiotics with this?

    Hi Y'all, I got sick in vietnam from the water and went on antibiotics. Since then I feel sick again. I felt fully recovered for about 2 years I think and now I feel like my symptoms are back. I'm thinking it could be yeast although I was only on ciprio for a week. Does this seem possible...
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    Can anyone honestly say they were horrible and now pain free?

    I tried tong ren and it really works. I think any muscle pain is pain I had since I was a kid (hunching not usuing my body properly)
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    Which meds would help with the following MCS symptoms...? Thanks :)

    I was on this or around 2 yrs. It's important to get deep sleep. Now I am off because the accumulation made me tired.
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    Back on site-looking to explore the psychological components

    Hi Everyone, I took a couple of years off but now am back. I've been feeling a lot better with Tong ren and that's why I didn't feel I could take some time off. I was able to get off all supplements however, but was on a sleeping pill for some time. Now I am back on because although I feel...
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    Please help...problem with job...

    Why doesn't he or she know about this and what you effort it takes day in and day out?
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    Does the "envelope theory" help at all?

    If only I can get my bills on excel!
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    study-shows we are not hypochondriacs!

    I've been studying CFID a lot to understand and help myself and was delighted to come across this one. The psychiatric status of patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome. Authors: Hickie, Ian, Prince Henry Hosp, Div of Psychiatry Mood Disorders Unit, Sydney, NSW, Australia Lloyd, Andrew...
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    chronic headaches every day!

    I was able to get off all supplements and then my headaches were gone. I found there was a direct correlation.
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    Does the "envelope theory" help at all?

    Sorry I wasn't clear. So they say you should gradually work up and not go above your activity goal no matter how you feel. As you can stay within that energy window then you can move up
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    Is going to a therapist helpful?

    THat's horrible and unprofessional.
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    Can someone tell me what physical therapy entails?

    I'm in boston and was told PT was just strength training. What has your PT included? I've heard other places have pools. ANd some places do massage as part of PT.
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    Is going to a therapist helpful?

    How many of you go to a therapist and is it helpful? What is your experience? Do you see your symptoms getting better when you talk about it? Or do you just feel psychologically better? [This Message was Edited on 06/08/2010] [This Message was Edited on 06/08/2010]