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    An uneducated Jew looking to learn

    I come from a long line of Jews, dating all the way back to Poland and Russia. My family claims to be so proud to be Jewish, but I grew up my whole life not knowing about my religion. Is there anyone out there who can help me figure out at least the basic fundamentals? I'd be eternally greatful...
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    food journals and diet pills

    I'm extremely new to this different approach of weight lost, as opposed to being anorexic. I've read on several different sites that keeping a food journal is supposed to help in losing weight. But I'm skeptical. How is writing down what I eat going to make me any less overweight? I'm not trying...
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    In need of some advice with an ongoing battle.

    hello all, my name is Jessica. Most of my life i have been ridiculed and bullied for various reasons. I normally never let it get to me, that is until my mother passed away. Ever since then I have been in a downward spiral that I cannot seem to get out of. Obesity runs in my mothers family on...