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    Dysautonomia: Lightheaded & Faint Feeling When Upright

    I have orthostatic intolerance, but it's completely under control now. I add salt to all my drinking water (I use Celtic) and take potassium. Many people find electrolyte drinks helpful, but most of them have citrus flavorings, which make my teeth ache. I saw a cardiologist a couple of times...
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    Anyone tried CBD oil?

    CBL oil does not touch my pain, but it helps a lot with IBS, which is the reason my doctor recommended it to me. I use Plus CBD Oil in the 10 MG capsules. I tried a higher dosage, but I just had side effects and no benefits.
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    Hilarious Dave Barry, Humorist - 'The Solar Eclipse', and More

    @rockgor, I love Dave Barry, too. He wrote the 2 books about turning 40 and 50. I wish he had written a book about turning 60, which I will turn this year.
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    Sleep Med Ideas, Please

    I take Belsomra every other night and Trazodone every other night.
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    Ouch, a Flying Ant Bit Me, Twice!

    Here in Texas we have many varmints, not all of which serve in elected office. We have scorpions, horse flies, and chiggers. It's shocking how painful scorpion stings are, and they hurt for days. Chiggers bite as close as they can to your nether regions and itch like crazy for days. Horse...
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    Itching underarms...what next!?

    I'd suggest applying coconut oil to your underarms, @shelbo. It is antimicrobial, antifungal, and very soothing. I use coconut oil as deodorant, by itself in the cool months, and mixed with a little baking soda in the warm months.
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    Anyone use Marijuana for Fibromyalgia?

    @PABNC, I use Plus CBD Oil in the 10 MG dose. My biofeedback therapist uses Hemp Fusion. It has a lower CBL oil content than the Plus brand, but has other ingredients to make it more bioavailable. I have not yet tried it, but know these are both good brands. The Plus CBD Oil that I use doesn't...
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    Anyone use Marijuana for Fibromyalgia?

    @loto, I live in TX, so pot isn't legal here, but I did go to a couple of the state-run dispensaries in Seattle when I was visiting family. I tried several types of pot to help my pain. I got a great deal of relief from a very low-THC edible mint. It's called Mr. Moxey's Mints, and each mint...
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    Allergic reaction to IcyHot

    My favorite topical pain reliever is Arnicare Gel. It doesn't smell, so I can use it before bed.
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    Stop Smoking

    Interesting about the CBD patches, @JimmyGold. I've never heard of that. I use CBD oil extract capsules for other reasons, but it makes sense it would help with nicotine addiction since CBD is so relaxing. I smoked for years and smoked all day. I started reducing smoking in phases. First, I...
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    Rosacea / coconut oil

    I did want to add something about using coconut oil for deodorant. I use it by itself in the cool months, but in the summer I mix in a little baking powder to give it extra oomph. We have beastly summers here in Austin, TX, and the baking soda mixed in ensures I won't have odor.
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    Rosacea / coconut oil

    I buy a good brand of coconut oil and use it both for cooking and as a deodorant. It works as well as any commercial deodorant I've ever used, and it also keeps my underarms soft. You only need a thin layer, and it's never stained my clothes.
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    If Your Hair Is Dry...

    @Mikie, does the 10 have a fragrance? I need a product, too, but have chemical sensitivities and can't do strong, lingering smells. Thanks.
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    Light physical activity helpful

    Hi, @Fantastic Hal. I'm glad you've found things that work for your fibro and back symptoms. I am also one of the lucky ones who benefit from exercising. Many people with fibro and chronic fatigue crash hard with any physical exertion. Swimming is fantastic for me, but the pool I have access...
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    I want to gain weight. Can anyone suggest me what food should I eat ?

    @nah.stacey, I had heard about Lyrica causing this kind of weight gain in some people, too. The same is supposed to be true about Cymbalta. @coolhealthguy, for weight gain I recommend eating more healthy carbs such as avocados, sweet potatoes, and fruit. For me, carbs add weight, not fat.