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    Itchy Skin/Bumps

    I looked at the pic and you really need to see a dr,with it being in your genital area.
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    Alert--using store electric scooters

    I was watching Anderson Live yesterday and his actress cohost said she was on a plane once with a man in the middle seat who kept making grunting noises and she was kinda freaking out wandering what he was doing,but a few mintues later she started smelling something and he had sat right there in...
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    Deserella,I also have a goiter. I had an ultrasound done and went to the endocrinologist. He did a fine needle biopsy in the office then sent me to get the ultrasound biopsy at the hospital. It was benign,so it would be better to check that out first. But,I have all the symptoms of...
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    Need Help

    Here are very good resources for you to learn abt your illness and all abt disability. I'm a member and I've learned everything I need to know from them. Very nice people. ssdfacts dot com neurotalk dot com
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    Alert--using store electric scooters

    This is exactly why I refuse to use anything like this that others have used. I have OCD to begin with and things like this just push me over the edge. It's all I can do to use the carts.
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    Incapacitating nausea!

    I used to have it quite frequently,and still do at times. I used to take dramamine and it helped.Someone told me about it,might've been here.
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    Help for Swelling In Neck Area?

    I have one and I'm wandering what could cause it if not thryroid issues.
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    Does anyone have excruciating hip pain?

    I was dx with endometriosis in my early 20's and had the laparoscopy and the dr siad he got it all but as I got older I started learning more abt it and of course it came back. I also think I had PCOS back then too after learning abt it now. I haven't done anythign abt it cause I've been...
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    Scams taking SSD & a way to stop

    I was reading on another site last night about this woman losing her case and when she googled her name her whole case,all the info,her name everything came up. She's livid. She called SS and they said it was legal for them to do it. Her lawyer can't help her and she said she's vcalled several...
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    Does anyone take Abilify for depression

    only 2mg. I went online and read alot about it last night and it's scary what people are saying abt it and what has happened to them. I'm very scared now to start taking it regularly. Have you had any syptoms other than it being too much.
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    Former Governor Jessie Ventura's Wife CFIS

    for famous people to come out and talk about these damn illnesses. You know there's got to be someone or someone in their family who has something that we struggle with and if they could bring some attention to it we might get better tx.
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    Is it ok for me to write the Dr a letter and spell it out

    How do I word it? Do I address it to the PA,who treats me,by name?
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    Has anyone had all signs of UTI but tests show nothing?

    I think I'd wait and get a second opinion when you get back from vacation. If you think you will be ok while gone.
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    Does anyone take Abilify for depression

    your probably right. I just get so darn tired of taking pills and supplements. I have to work myself up to taking the 200mg of zoloft cause I've been taking 100 in 2 doses. IDK maybe I don't want to face the fact that I need actually need more than what I've been taking. Guess that's why I've...
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    Does anyone take Abilify for depression

    When my depression got worse earlier this year and I started having more anxiety and panic attacks,my dr gave me abilify as an add on to my zoloft. I don't take it very much,because I don't know that much abt it. Since she sent me to a psych he's also giving it to me,free,but I still don't take...