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I've taken many courses of antibiotics up until about 8 years ago, probably 30-40 courses. Had a very high sugar, high carb diet for most of my life, with almost no fresh fruits and veggies at all.

My cfs came on slow over many years and I became disabled in 1989. I was 80-90% bedridden at one point, for several years! Now functioning at a level 5+.

After almost 10 years and many thousands of dollars in supplements. Also, aggressively trying many different protocols, like treating adrenal fatigue, anti-viral treatment, mitochondrial dysfunction treatment, etc.

I am convinced my cfs started from severe dysbiosis- confirmed through testing. Which lead to a leaky gut, causing immune system activation from lipopolysaccharides getting into the bloodstream.

Immune system activation from lipopolysaccharides causes microglial activation (low grade brain inflammation) and oxidative stress, oxidative stress impairs MANY enzymes in the body.

The oxidative stress and impaired enzymes cause methylation dysfunction,and mitochondrial dysfunction. All together they created my CFS.
United Staes, New Hampshire
Disabled, but getting better! Never give up!



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