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    Doctor needed in CO

    My son now has this, we believe, and after seeing multitudes of doctors, we are not getting anywhere. Are there any doctors in CO that understand how to treat this and accept insurance? Thanks
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    Incapacitating nausea!

    Did you ever find anything that helps? Sniffing rubbing alcohol will help some. Try it. Let me know if you found anything. thanks
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    Can Malic Acid cause itching?

    I don't know if it is Malic Acid or just one of my itching fits I get from time to time but can Malic Acid cause itching? It is just plain organic Malic Acid with nothing else in it. No preservatives etc... Thanks
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    Question for RICHVANK or OTHERS.

    Hi My son and I are suffering from fibromyalgia. I have lyme and now believe my son has it, also. He has had persistent high ASO titers, so thought maybe pandas but he has such horrible pain, neurological problems (walking with unsteady gait, etc...and easily wiped out). He took the VCS test and...
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    Methylation Q for Rich Vank

    Hi I am combining Methylguard and B2 and it appears to have created a detox crisis. Is this expected? Should I continue? Thanks for help.
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    Question for Rich V - Methylguard.

    It is obvious I have a detox pathway problem. I am in a ton of pain. Something is obviously wrong. Doctor believes lyme is the culprit. Perhaps that plus the detox pathway problem. So hard to know where to turn or what to do. Take care. Can you think of anything that may help getting off...
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    Mikie - question/Peptides

    Hi do you know of a list of docs doing this? Thanks
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    Question for Rich V - Methylguard.

    Rich, Can you take Methylguard in place of the protocol for methylation? LLMD wants me to take it. Thanks for help. TIM
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    Biotoxin Pathway and Testing

    CD57/CD3/CD8 <BR> CD57/CD3 <BR> CD57/CD8 <BR> CD57+ <BR> <BR> What should numbers be and what does it all mean? Thanks
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    Understanding CD57 panel

    Can anyone explain this to me and what results mean? CD57/CD3/CD8 CD57/CD3 CD57/CD8 CD57+ What numbers should show up here and what is the connection? Thanks
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    I can't stand feeling so exhusted all the time

    Everything hurts. Arms, ribs, legs, feet, you name it. If you come across something that helps, please let me know. Wish you the best. TIM
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    Rich or anyone - CAPTOMERE

    Have you heard of it? My son is now sick as well (age 12). We seem to have the same detox issue, I believe. We both hurt in the same areas in our body. He seems to be responding to doxycycline somewhat and propanolol as well. Without an anti-biotic, he is really sick. Wondering if this cellfood...
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    Menenges compression

    Has anyone heard of this or is this another chirpractor way of getting business? They claim that compression on the menenges are causing nerves to misfire causing all the symptoms of FM. Anyone try decompression on this? Results? Thanks
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    low natural killer cell activity

    Hi<BR> I started slow and am still dying. What does this mean, exactly? Am I to the point where I am so toxic that I cannot get well? I am so flared up on such a small level of this stuff. Wondering what ultimately happened to you on this.<BR> <BR> Thanks
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    CFS: Forebearance's thread 61

    Hi Does Monolaurin cause you to feel worse as bacteria dies off? I had to really scale back as it was making me herx something fierce. What has been your overall reaction? Any good days? Thanks