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    kicking lorazepam

    Hi Jam - I'm really glad to hear that the EPO is helping with sleep. I didn't know it could do that. All I know is that it helped my parents and my sister with mild arthritis, but what you posted is good to hear. I'm hoping the EPO will help with my knee, but too soon to tell. Muscle testing...
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    kicking lorazepam

    I’ve been taking 1 mg. of lorazepam in the middle of the night for sleep for several years. I started with 0.5 mg about 8 years ago, and then upped it to 1 mg. 4 or 5 years ago. I was careful not to increase it any more and also never took it during the day. I’d recently started thinking about...
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    The MOST incredible adrenal supplement I have EVER tried!

    I don't think the Drenamin and adrenal desiccated would counteract, just maybe overkill - both are adrenal glandulars so I would just try one. The SP products (like Drenamin) are very good. I don't know who makes your adrenal desiccated. Mary
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    How to combat deconditioning before able to exercise

    You might have postural orthostatic hypotension (POTS). There are quite a few posts about this, you can do a search for them above. It essentially means that your blood pressure drops excessively upon standing (20 points or more for systolic blood pressure, 10 points or more for diastolic BP...
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    Peptide/ Amino acid injections Facebook Group

    Gotcha. I totally understand. You're absolutely right, there is very little info available on SAM therapy and there are very few doctors who do it. I know that the doctors using this protocol have to be careful what they call it. I think they aren't allowed to say peptide but instead have to...
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    Peptide/ Amino acid injections Facebook Group

    What is SAM therapy? I've never heard peptides injections called that. People do use this board to exchange info and feedback on various therapies, so it would be helpful if you posted your info and hopefully others will respond with theirs.
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    Transfer Factor Plus

    Spacee - so glad to hear that! It can be soooo frustrating when a product which works for you suddenly is no longer available and I'm really happy you found an effective substitute. Have you ever tried colostrum? I've read that transfer factor is derived from colostrum, and that colostrum has...
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    Ashamed of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

    I think people with CFS are in a weird predicament. I don't know of another illness which is so devastating and yet when you go to the doctor, the very person who is supposed to help you, you are treated as though you are delusional. "don't react - you might encourage her in her delusions" -...
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    RA or FM or LYME?

    Hi Ian - she's an ex-smoker, quit over 20 years ago. She was pretty healthy until just recently, although ate too much sugar ..... She had some severe stress, emotional and physical, shortly before the onset of her symptoms and believes they are connected.
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    RA or FM or LYME?

    Thanks for the links, Radio. I have read some about mycoplasma maybe being implicated in RA. I've also read about transfer factor being helpful with mycoplasma. I think it helped Mikey. TF is pricey, and is derived from colostrum, which is much cheaper, so would like to know the efficacy of...
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    desperate need for doctor in Utica ny

    Maybe someone here has the same insurance as you but it seems your insurance company would have a list of all the doctors in your area. If you want to find someone knowledgable about CFS or FM, I would go to, a website for integrative medicine doctors. There's a search feature at the...
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    A word of caution about potassium....

    Hi Jim - thanks for your good wishes. I am doing well, relatively speaking, in that I'm not currently detoxing or herxing or sick - just regular limitations due to CFS - crashing and so on. But I feel well enough to start increasing the methylfolate, gradually this time! I've been taking an...
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    A word of caution about potassium....

    Hi Jim - thanks for posting. I've suffered from low potassium, which can cause extreme weakness and lethargy but have never had high potassium. That would have been scary! When I first started Freddd's B12 protocol (on the Phoenix Rising board), I ended up having to take about 1,000 mg. of...
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    Coverage for Compounded Medications being canceled

    Munch - I'm really sorry to hear this. I don't have any answers re your meds, but I don't think there should be any problem posting a link to the groups you mentioned. I think we're only not supposed to post links to sites which sell products. I hate that the people who make the rules re our...
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    RA or FM or LYME?

    I finally got the lab work my sister had done. And it's looking a lot like RA. All of these numbers were better 3 months ago. CRP - very high - 108 (not 10.8) - range is 0 - 3.0 All her iron numbers are low Fibrinogen - high - 677 - range of 193 - 507 Platelets - high - 462 - range of 150 -...