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  • I had a facetectomy in 2019. Now I can't walk correctly, although I can walk. Mostly I notice it. Then, if I walk too far, I collapse with not an ounce of strength in my body til I can, after awhile get up with help, sit down and rest. I think Dr Mengle screwed up his surgery on my back. What can I do to eliminate my fear of taking a walk.
    I currently have mycoplasma and I was treated with doxy for mycoplasma pneumonia well over a momonth ago, it never went away, my doctor refuses to listen to me at all or treat me for it, I live in Valdosta, GA, It is not very often to find a good doctor here. I was wondering if you could tell me who the doctor is that helped you is? I'm also new here so I didn't know how to inbox you, and I apologize for that.
    Hi Mikey,

    thank you so much for your response. I broke into floods of tears reading it. It sounds like there really is hope for me.

    I called your doctor in Florida and I am hoping he will recommend a doctor in Colorado but if he doesn't I will fly to Florida happily. He can get me in as soon as March 2nd and I actually found a decent deal on plane tickets.
    Could you send me the number of the doctor? I am in desperate need of someone that is familiar with what I have.
    Hi Mikey, do you know if dr. Hinkle in St George Utah is still doing this treatment? I realize that he is 6 hours from me. And the airport going to Florida is 6 hours from me
    hey Mike I need help. I mentioned earlier that I get Headaches.
    My Forehead and the back of my head, they are causing me great discomfort.
    I am out of funds so can't go to the doc.
    What should I do.
    They hit me bad, mostly at night.
    Gosh, I've missed so much on Porch.
    How are you...?
    Hi flyersfan247365 I have the info Mikie post about his/her Dr in Fort Meyers who does the Amino Acid Injections, it's
    Dr David Gomeringer
    (239) 768-5544
    Hi Mikie,
    If you don't mind I am in desperate in of help. Who are your doctors and where are they located?
    Really scared here

    Please tell me if Dr. Dakos practice is still open and or if your doctor can provide the same kind of treatment Dr. Dakos provided.

    Hi Mikie-
    This is steach, from way back. I want to post but can't figure it out! The board has changed so much since the last time I was on here. I am in DESPERATE need of help with restless leg syndrome! It is happening almost 24/7 now and I am about to go out of my mind! I have been taking Klonopin for it for years but it is not helping.
    I am curious as to if Dr. Dakos practice after his passing away. Did he leave anyone in his practice that could help me get peptide treatment?
    Mikie - Is this something new on someone following you or me? Was surprised to find one this morning?? Hugz Granni
    Hi Mikie ... I read your post on "chat" and was so happy to hear you're asymptomatic now (re CFIDS, etc.) even though you still have mycoplasmas (me too). Can you give me/us a list of the things you feel have helped you get to this point? I'd really really appreciate that. Thanks.
    Hi Mikie,
    I want you to know how immensely I respect and admire the good work you have done on the forums for all of these years. You are truly an unsung hero and I am fortunate to have you working for patients on my site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rich
    You are the first person I found I want to know where to start a conversation and talk about my problems. Please let me know where I can do this As I am desperately seeking answers. Thank you
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