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    my doctor decided to take me off clonazepam so she cut my dose in half, i have been on them for many years. I'm not doing well at all. anyway the reason my doctor said she didn't like the med was because people have been selling them in town. so i started to see another doctor in the building...
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    Chronic Fatigue

    anyone know what kind of treatments there are out there for CFS, Is there a special doctor to see, or test that should be done, even treatment, any info??
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    Doctor review website's

    Just wondering if anyone knew of any good websites on doctor reviews, trying to find a decent doctor, my primary doesn't help me in anyway, every time I see her I tell her about how bad the fatigue is, and she tells me she only has 15 minutes, no time to talk, need a new doctor. Thanks
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    Just wanted to say HI

    I remember some of you, I had a bunch of questions but they were about SSI, I don't know if that's a big group on that board or not, I do see that this board has changed though, I see that a lot of people are viewing everyone's questions, yet their seem to be less answers then there once was. if...
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    I forgot to ask

    Is it a bad sign when you have to see independent doctor to help determine your case for SSI Also if a case is denied is the last 5 months without benefits retro
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    have to reapply for SSI because of spouse unemployment.

    Hi awhile back my husband lost his job and started collecting unemployment. So I stopped receiving my SSI benefits but was still disabled. Because my case was stagnant for so long I also lost my disability status. I thought I would just get it back because I am sick, I have fatigue that is so...
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    stopped receiving SSI because of unemployment

    If you read my post you would have seen how I posted that i was too honest and could not do that even though I know other do this. anyway, I lost my SSI benefits permanently because my husband received unemployment for so long and my case was stagnant, now it is dismissed and I am trying to get...
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    Please, Please, Pray

    your prayers mean more to me then you would ever know, thank you so much...........Lisa
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    hoping for some positive replys

    just a quick question, I am disabled but lost the money benefit due to husbands unemployment. he was collecting for over a year, due to my case being stagnant, it was dismissed, I am now deemed no longer disabled. I replied last November, and my case doesn't look good due to wrong information...
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    Please, Please, Pray

    Hi This is Lisa, I don't think anyone still remembers me from this site but I use to visit. I need a SOS prayer. two to them My husband ray has been out of work for too long, no more unemployment benefits, we have no income. nothing. I'm afraid we will be homeless soon if he doesn't get a...
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    FIBER THERAPY...fiberone metamucil..citucel

    I have just been using the miralax and the milk of magnesia, I know that the MOM in not for everyday use and I all I do is eat a ton of fiber. I did buy some Metamucil, I have not tried it yet (not in a hurry to be sick I guess) but I do know that the best way to use that is to start with a...
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    FIBER THERAPY...fiberone metamucil..citucel

    just wondering which is best fiberone, metamucil or fiberOne thanks
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    dry socket and smoking

    hello I had a tooth pulled last tuesday,.. then it became a dry socket. so the dentist put some kind of medicated gauze in the whole were my tooth was. that is probably a stupid question. I have not had a cigarette in 2 days because of the gauze/ dry socket, whatever,... can I smoke now!! if...
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    lost meds

    Hi Hi for some reason I was not able to reply so that's why I'm editing. its amazing what little you can do sometimes when your not feeling well. I was very sick, my doctor did fill my scripts a little eary for me so I didn't have to go that many days without my medication, I also...
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    kadian verses ms cotin

    Yes I'm finally free from that methadone nightmare and no longer have to go that clinic everyday. that was so horrible. but my father passed away at the same time so not much happyness there. anyway kadian is a form of morphine, I did really good on that but its not covered by insurance...